No Tears Homeschooling For Linear Thinking Moms Like Me

This post is written by a linear thinking mother.  I am a steps-one-and-two-must-be-completed-before-even-attempting-to-do-step-three thinking mother.  If I buy a curriculum, I must complete it…all of it for the year I bought it for.  The pre-K material must be finished during the pre-K year.

How wrong I have been.

I have recently seen that the material I bought for my Jazmine, although not completed, is no longer applicable for her. She is ready for more.  She needs the material presented in a different context so she can apply it outside of school time. For example, the letters s-t-o-r-e is the same word every time she sees it.  It does not change from one thing to something else when she sees it on paper while learning and then again next to the word Dollar while we are out shopping.

We have about 10 more weeks of school and she is clearly ready for more learning and in a different format.   A fellow homeschooling friend of mine told me to consider getting supplemental material from the Dollar Store.  The Dollar Store!!! Are you kidding me? I couldn’t believe she said that!  I didn’t believe any good educational thing could come from the Dollar Store.

Well guess what?  Good educational material can come from The Dollar Store, and Ollie’s Good ‘N Cheap, and Five Below for that matter.  How do I know?  I have shopped all three and found four books that are right no par with what Jazmine is ready to learn.

Around late October, early November, the material I had become too repetitive for her and she was bored.  I thought she, the four-year old, had to suffer through.  After all, I, her linear thinking mother, bought the material and she was going to finish it all.  Suffering through is good, and there will be no shortage of experiencing where she will have to do that but now, in PreK4, it is not appropriate.  Substitutions can be made. Supplements can be added.  There doesn’t have to be tears in homeschooling.

Completing two pages of material for the same subject solely because that is how the curriculum has it laid out is not necessary.  Completing an entire kit for one subject in one year because that is what you purchased is not the point.  If the material takes two years to finish because your child needed that time IT IS COMPLETELY OK! If your child takes less than a year because s/he enjoyed it that much is OK!

PreK4 has taught me to follow my Jaz’s ques. Switch-ups can be made.  I  will plan out our school year by the week instead of by the day.  Why? Because some days, she may want to do more math than writing.  Other day’s she may want to do more mazes than coloring.  It makes it easier for me, her linear mother, to help her if I separate the work out in things to be done in a week instead of day-to-day so my linear mind doesn’t have a cow.



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