Husband’s Grief Over Ectopic Pregnancy Concluded

So…my husband attended a Men’s Prayer Breakfast at church last week.  Upon his return home, he told me that he shared with the men (ALL OF THEM) that we lost a baby last year, we are trying for another, and to pray for us to have another.

If my jaw could have dropped to the floor, it would have.

I tried to keep my facial expression level and my tone interested instead of peeved. I think I pulled it off.

While he was talking and sharing with me, I kept thinking to myself, “Why in the world did you do that!” I was very embarrassed that everyone now knows that we are trying and nothing is happening. On the other hand, the more prayers the better. I told my best friend about it and she was just as dumbfounded as I was.  She didn’t understand why he said it either.  It was then when I understood why.

My husband grieves January’s lost just like I did but he has carried his grief differently.  Being able to share his burden with other men was what my husband needed to do to finish grieving our loss.

Albeit VERY embarrassing for me, I would do it again because it was necessary for him.

PS. I am not saying that his grief is finished with a period but I do believe it is past the most painful part and can look  forward instead of grieving behind.


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