Pride Of Life Is Such A Vast Category

I suffer from hair envy.

A fellow homeschooling friend of mine has dredlocks as I do. Her locks are GORGEOUS! I have told her as much and confessed my hair envy to her as well.  In the winter time, she wears a nice tam that is large enough to hold all of her hair. I wanted it as soon as I saw it.  Previously, I didn’t think to cover my head thinking that the hood to my coat was sufficient.  The wind had picked up this winter and my hood was not a drawstring so it wasn’t keeping me warm.  So, when I saw her tam, I had to have it.

Her’s was knitted and had a matching scarf and gloves I believe.  I didn’t need all of that. I just wanted that hat!

I can crochet.  I have crocheted afghans (blankets) and Christmas stockings before but never a hat. A friend of mine at church let me borrow a large tam she used when she had locks. Hers was too large for me but I decided to use it as a guide to crochet my own.  From observing the workmanship of her tam, I knew I had to start with a chain circle and go out from their increasing and decreasing until I was finished. I refused to look up a pattern because I said I could do it myself.

We traveled for Christmas and spent a lot of time in the car.  I planned to use that time crocheting but never began because there were too many people to see me make a mistake.  Mistakes were bound to happen since I was going rouge in uncharted territory. I finally began a few days after we returned home.  I got started and soon got stuck with what to do next. Then I cheated against my original don’t-need-a-pattern plan and looked at the pattern for another crochet piece I had made. I got a bit of a guide then went for it. I only gleaned just enough to get me over that hump but others came and I soon got lost in the sauce. My tam looked like a dust mop. I put it down and planned to work on it again but had no time frame in mind.

Wouldn’t you know it, a guest for New Year’s came over and had a crocheted tam on her head!  Her’s was PERFECT! She had a matching scarf to go with it as well.  A family member of hers had made it and it was said that she did both sets (her baby had one too) in a day or so.  They said the family member found a pattern online and followed it. My pride was wounded.  I was humbled.

All that pride got me was a dust mop made of yarn.  A simple Google search led me to not only a free pattern but a video** of how to do it!  I had many errors in making them (Jazmine commissioned me to make one for her first and then I made one for myself as well) often having to take out a several rows I just did to adjust it to the size I needed for her and I but I finished them.

Four years ago I accepted that I was a recipe chick.  I can cook or bake whatever you want as long as I have a recipe.  January 2014, I accept that I am a pattern chick.  I can crochet whatever you want as long as I have a pattern.  #nomorepride2014

**If you “show more” where the description is, you can see the pattern written out. I used this to make Jaz’s tam. When you chain, check the length around the head of the person the tam is for before joining both together to make sure the tam will be large enough (or small enough) for the person’s head.


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