(Christian) Stepmom Hub

I figured it out. I accepted something about myself and how it translates to my blog life.

I recently vented to another homeschooler about how bad I am with field trips.  I would do much better if I belonged to a field trip co-op.  It would be ideal to find a group of people who get together twice a month during a weekday for an age appropriate field trip.  It would also be ideal if Jazmine had a few homies she liked in the group and I enjoyed the company of a few of the adults.  I would mark our calendar every month for a field trip and show up.  Currently, either that does not exist or I have not been made aware of anything like that in our area.

Switching gears….

Just like any blogger, I would like to draw more traffic to this blog. You’ve seen that I’ve started a Facebook page and a Twitter presence. I am starting to rethink those.  I write posts and schedule them to be published usually in advance.  I do not update social media sites daily; multiple times a day is out of the question.  I get on Facebook, my personal account, to check to see if someone contacted me and to browse through the status updates of others.  I update my status maybe once a week.  I do not regularly post pictures.  I do not update my status with my whereabouts. When I check my personal twitter account I only browse through to check TMZ.  Now that I have the TMZ app, I rarely go onto Twitter at all.   I don’t follow that many people…maybe 10 or so?  As a leader, I have a hard time following anyone.  So, my attempts at broadening my subscribership via social media is not ideal for me.

Hence my discovery.  As I still hope to find a field trip co-op, I thought to look for a cyber Stepmom hub that I could join.  A place where bloggers of the same topic link up and make a united presence.  Guess what?  I didn’t see one.  A Mama’s Story is a blog I peruse.  She is very good at social media updates.  I enjoy reading her Facebook statuses.  I thought about trying to link up to her but her talk points are very specific just like mine and stepmom is not a hat she wears.  You may be wondering why I don’t start my own hub.  That may come but, just in case you didn’t catch it, I would rather join an already thriving or start-up group that has structure than trail blaze in this case. I don’t think my passion runs deep enough to see it through. That may change in the future but that is where it is today.

If you are or can think of another blogger whose talk points are wife, mother, stepmother please let me know. I would love for it to have a Christian perspective BUT I am not married to that idea today.  I can have a spot in the hub for stepmoms who are Christians without the entire blog dedicated to such.  Those are my thoughts.  If you can help me, I would appreciate it 🙂


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