To Come Out Of Witness Protection

(DRAT!  I could have sworn I set this to publish this past Monday.  I am sorry this is so late)  

There are some major changes coming to this blog. For one thing, I am debating on whether or not I should come out of hiding. The other major change is the name. Apparently, if you Google Wifommy, wifom comes up. What is wifom you ask? I had to look it up myself. One definition says it has something to do with a psychological game. Other Google hits say that it is an acronym for Wine In Front Of Me. Neither definition has ANYTHING to do with being a wife and mother.

I feel like I have to find my identity all over again. Ever since I entered the witness protection service for bloggers (also called anonymity) it’s been hard for me to regain my blogging edge. My current name does not represent who I am as much as my original name. On one hand, now that I see that Wifom is commonly known to stand for something else, I would like to make my Wifommy stamp to make the term synomomous for my meaning. It’s not like Wifom is a trademark so I am not infringing. On the other hand, I’d rather go back to who I was because I felt I really owned it; it wasn’t something I had to pick out under duress.

Ever since I let go of being a bonus mom and have religated myself to being a step mom, I see no need to hide. Who am I protecting really? I thought I would be protecting my big kids from my adult thoughts but, as it turns out, they are WELL informed of real an perceived adult thought as it is.

If I change my name, I would more than likely hyphenate it with my original name pairing it with some synoptic phrase of who I am and I would have to change my twitter and Facebook presence. Now let’s be real. Xara don’t tweet. I barely Facebook. I’ll have to change one way or another in that regard.

Im getting bored with the graphics also and am considering owning my domain which is really putting the pressure on whether or not the name would be changed to reflect me publicly. Ugh. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet. I am torn between still wanting to protect my little chickadees and walking out the reality of it all. Ah well, either way it falls, you have been warned 🙂


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