Darkness Does Not Mix With Light

I have an acquaintance that I’ve known for almost four years now. We were never close but there was a mutual friendliness between us.  She was encouraging to me and I received her encouragement.  During this time, it became uncomfortably clear to me that she was not a believer at all.  Actually, she was/is very much anti Jesus. I think she gives Him credit as existing long ago and being a good man but that is it.

I become increasingly more uncomfortable around her.  I usually ask questions of things I don’t understand especially when its related to culture but I did not want to ask her anything because I did not want her to think I was interested in her views.  I was not mature in that area then.  I did not understand build relationships with people while asking God to grant you opportunity to share Christ with them.

At one point, I was just sick when I was around her.  Not physically but I felt spiritually oppressed.  I didn’t want to be in the presence of someone whom I knew for sure went to a Wicca shop to purchase healing crystals and purifying incense.  I was not going to be around witchcraft.

I broke ties. I stopped attending the class we shared.  When she asked me why, I told her honestly, that I felt the Lord leading me away from that class right now.  The acquaintance abruptly ended the conversation and that was the last we spoke.

I saw the acquaintance tonight. I was not received warmly.  I was surprised.  It had been at least two years since we have seen each other.  I know she doesn’t know that I’ve grown in my faith. I don’t know what she expected or thought I would do.  I’m almost positive she had no idea she would see me tonight.  As the class progressed, we had more than cordial moments that I initiated.  She did talk past me to another person we both know.  I felt the coldness from her; not nasty but I was treated with indifference.

I stopped attempting at cordiality and let it go.  She is still in darkness and wants nothing to do with light.  I have been praying for her to come to know Christ as her Savior for at least a year now and I will continue to pray.  I do know from things she’s posted on social media that she was most likely raised in a Christian household but saw hypocrisy in those same family members and rejected Christ as soon as she found something else that seemed pure.  She is not unique in this.  Unfortunately, some Christians only follow Christ on Sunday and live like the world Monday thru Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  This lack of care for how Christ is represented in their lives has affected this acquaintance negatively.  What she saw growing up does not excuse her from not seeking to know Christ for herself but it does explain why she is how she is towards me.


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