Oh Yes She Did!!!

I practice what I believe.  I trust in God.  I did not succumb to the very likely subculture that was in its conception two weeks ago.  I trusted in God.

The following day, Brian received a phone call from Tanya.  She said she would rather my husband and Jazmine not enter her home.  I will admit, per my husband, she did it very tactfully.  She said she did not mean to be offensive but she would prefer they not enter her home.  Even if I had come along, I would not have entered her home.  I have no desire to be there. Brian and Jazmine have always entered her home when he’s gone to pick them up so this was new to hear.

My husband was not offended and told her as much.  He later told me he was concerned for how Bella and Scott would feel because this would be new for them. He did not desire a you-wait-outside-for-your-children pick up situation.  I was all for it but he had his concerns.  He is fine with it now though.  I told him that Tanya would address this with Bella and Scott because she has to explain the rules of her household to them.

My reaction???

HALLELUJAH!!!!!   Woohoo!!!!    YIPPEE!!!   I am so glad!!!!

She wouldn’t be coming in my house anyway and this way it’s even keel all across the board.  YAY!!!!  I might even go with them the next time 🙂


2 thoughts on “Oh Yes She Did!!!

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