God’s Mercy Part 3

Catherine lied.

I show up bright and chipper Monday morning with Jazmine in tow to get my blood drawn. I bought Jazmine because she hates needles too and getting her routine shots and blood drawn are traumatic for all of us.

I was confident that Jazmine would handle her shots better after seeing how Mommy handles it especially since she knows how much I hate needles too. I arrive and sign in.

I only see one phelbotomist. There are four other people in the waiting room.  I have to get my blood drawn that day so leaving is not an option. I kept looking around, trying to peak in the back to see Catherine.   I didn’t see her or hear another person back there.

My name was called.  I check in with my insurance card and ID. I ask for Catherine.  The phelbotimost tells me that Catherine is out all week.


I couldn’t freak out.  Jazmine was with me.  I had to put on a good front for her.  So, I immediately gave myself a self talk aloud.  It went something like, “It’s going to hurt and then it’s over.  It’s a prick and then its done.  It will be finished before you know it.”  It was good for Jazmine to hear that.  I felt like a punk at the time because I saw it all going so differently in my mind.

We get in the back. I tell Jazmine to watch and that Mommy will be okay. Jazmine said, “NO MOMMY!  I don’t want to see you get shot.  I don’t want you to get hurt.”  Snot. This is NOT how I wanted this to go down.

I tell Jazmine to turn her head away and not to look and assure her that Mommy will be just fine; that it’s a prick and then it’s over.  I tell the phelbotomist that I was just there Friday and had my blood drawn.  I told her which arm the and where on my arm the blood was taken so she could avoid it or use it, whatever was protocol.  She stuck me in the same place.  OUCH!!!!!!

Gotdogit that mess hurt! It stung and I told her as much.  She had a hint of concern in her voice as she repeated my statement as a question.  I assured her it stung.  Jazmine did not like that I said ouch and that her Mommy was in pain.  It is then I realize how terrible and idea it wast to bring her.

Soon it was over.  The needle was removed and a bandage in its place.  My arm hurt like the dickens and I bruised.  I never bruise. It hurt so bad I iced it to help ease the soreness and stiffness in my arm.

But even in Catherine’s absence, God was merciful.  Because Jaz was with me, I did not freak out.  I handled the pain with a clear focus on calming my daughter. Jaz was able to see Mommy endure something I did not enjoy and tell her that she is not the only one who has to get shots.

My job was done.  In less than 24hrs, I would be back on the sono table looking to see my bab(ies). 🙂


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