Bella Lee Update

I wanted to write in detail the miraculous conclusion to Bella’s def-con silence to her father but it’s not my story to tell in its entirety.  I will share this bonus mom’s vantage point of the ordeal. This is part two of the original story.

I didn’t hold my breath for Bella to contact her father.  She holds a grudge like one holds a valuable piece of jewelry. I didn’t know how long it was going to take…at one point, I thought it would be years.  She’d either contact him about graduation from high school or needing money to send the applications. However, we prayed for her to return to us.  Bella was not the only one silenced from us.  We had no communication with Scott either.  After two months, Bella text her father.  Up until then, Brian would send texts periodically to tell her that he loved her, was thinking about her, and cared for her.  In days leading up to Bella’s text, he was given the advice to text her everyday.  He was on day two of texting everyday when she contacted him.

I prayed diligently for that to happen.  I saw how God was comforting my husband through this time. I was very grateful for God’s answer to prayer in that regard.  My next primary concern was that Bella would let this ridiculous grudge keep her from participating in life with us.

I was fearful that whenever she did come to herself, she would still blame other people for her decisions because dealing with the painful consequences of her actions would be very heavy to bear. Whenever she did come around, she would not see her face in any of the pictures or in any home videos for the period of time she kicked us out of her life. I was fearful that she would also pile up on us any other consequences that she would suffer from in other areas of her life (possible acting out at school or home, poor grades, poor decision-making etc).

I am living proof that consuming thoughts in one area of life will affect the rest of your world, whether you wish them too or not, if you do not face them.

I was EXTREMELY excited for Bella and Brian’s outing.  I anxiously awaited the debrief from my husband when he got back. It did not go as swimmingly as I had hoped:/ However, MUCH good came from the meeting.  Not only did father and daughter have a smashing good time, but Brian was very honest, direct, and up front with her  about her decisions and the consequences of her decisions. I was grateful that Brian had the opportunity to say what she needed to hear.  Bella will always have to choose but at least she has been armed with how she should conduct herself.


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