I Want To Be Like Her

widow finds man in her dreamAt least once a month, there are IMB inserts in our bulletin at church. I usually skim them and at times I am awed by them.  This happened today.  I haven’t found a copy of the insert on-line so I am copying it below for you to read.  The insert’s picture is to the left.

The Syrian widow and her children were still mourning the death of her husband when a Christian relief team arrived with food. A refugee from the civil war in Syria, she had found shelter in a temporary dwelling outside a Lebanese Muslim village near the border.

The team leader explained their reason for coming and that God’s love in their hearts compelled them to help.

She immediately told them about an experience she’d had the previous night.  She was asleep when she heard someone knock on her door. When she went to check, no on was there.  The knocking came again.  Frightened, she sat by the door, finally falling back to sleep.

“As I was sleeping someone put His hand on my shoulder,” she said.  “He said, ‘You don’t know Me. You have passed through a great pain.  I experienced a great pain, also.  But I will not leave you alone.  Tomorrow I will send you someone who will tell you about Me.  Listen to him.”

Weeping, she turned to the team leader.  “Tell me about this person I saw in my dream.”

Through his own tears, the leader told her about Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the friend of widows, orphans and outcasts.  “This Book I’m going to give you will explain about God’s love,” he promised.

I was so moved by this.  The experience the Syrian woman had was REAL.  The team leader whom God sent was REAL.  I want to be used by God in a real way like that.  I know I don’t have to go oversees to be used this way by God but I long to be used this way.  I want to be at an appointed place, at an appointed time, doing what He has appointed me to do, and KNOW while I am in that moment, that God orchestrated it all.


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