Going Public

Did you know that if you Googled “Christian bonus mom” this blog is the ONLY result listed!  There are only four results that meet that specific parameter and all four results land you to Wifommy!!! That is amazing!  Then green-eyed monster appeared because my next thought was, “why the heck isn’t the subscription and visit count huge?”

I immediately dove into the “Results for Similar Searches” below the first four results and starting clicking on any mom-herd type of blog.  You know, the mom blogs that are a blog with links to HUNDREDS of other mom blogs.  As I searched through the mom-herd results, I paid specific attention to the categories.  I did not see a section for bonus moms (or the evil term stepmom). I then searched for “Christian stepmom blogs” and BINGO! Page after page after page of results.

Why did I Google “Christian bonus mom” in the first place?  I wanted to see where I fared.  This internet thing is so vast that I wanted to see if my blog would even register with a description of what the blog was about without having to type in the exact name.

In my perusal of the similar results, I came across a Christian mom blog that listed how to network your blog.  I skimmed it.  The information was good but I really am not aiming to put that much work into getting this noticed.  Yes, I hope this blog helps other women.  Yes, I would love to see an increased readership with comments to reply to.  I’d love all the positive things that come with having a popular blog.  So why am I not being diligent about going about it?  I am more passionate about writing the posts than I am about publicizing it. I have blogged under faith that God will lead whomever He chooses to this blog.  I’ve had a poor experience with trying to build something from the ground up before.  I turned into a “just sign up and do what I say” type of person with stalker tendencies.  I was not genuine although I tried to be.  My main goal was my objective without wanting to see what the needs of others were and how something I marketed could help them with what they wanted.  I will NOT be that person again.  Because of that, I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to  jump through hops, make fake social-networking relationships, and like/follow blogs that I wouldn’t normally read in the first place just to drive traffic here.

That is not to say that everyone who publicizes their blog isn’t genuine.  Amber is a genuine social networker.  She’s awesome and she’s awesome at it.  I am not.

Trust and believe, any blog you see on my blog roll is one that I read, like, and enjoy. No pomp and circumstance here.

(PS. CMB has a series of post on How To Take Your Blog To The Next Level. I did not read all of them.  The only link I skimmed is the link above.  Please check it out for yourself)


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