This Broad Here

I have to get this out.

I can’t even finish my list of things to do right now.

I am once again disgusted.

I am not surprised but yet, I find myself disappointed.

Just a few hours ago, my husband and I officially embarked on a new adventure in Christ.  (More information on that to come later as things develop).  This new adventure brought some old concerns of mine to the forefront of my mind. Brian and I hope this new adventure will lead us to our own home.  The major concern being the highly probable, albeit currently theoretical, confrontation with Tanya where I must repeat to her that neither she nor her mother are welcome in our home.

As I mulled over this possibility, I started to think I might have been wrong then this happens and I am again reminded that I am not wrong and I need to stand my ground and walk through the door if need be.

Bella posted something inappropriate on one of her social media accounts.  My husband sent her a text and told her to take it down because it was inappropriate.  We don’t know if Bella took it down because, not only did she not respond to her father’s text, she removed him from being one of her contacts and blocked him from her on the site.

Brian, my husband, text Tanya but did not get a call back.  He tried to contact Bella again today but she did not respond.  He reached Tanya today and her response was, again, not surprising based on who she has shown us to be but was disappointing nonetheless.  In a nut shell, Tanya said that 1. she heard that Bella had blocked some people 2. that Brian needed to speak with Bella about this directly 3. that Bella was asleep.

Here are my issues. 1. Why are you being facetious by saying you heard that she had blocked some people?  You know full well what happened in full detail. 2. How can he speak with Bella directly if Bella does not answer her phone and he has already told you that he has been trying to contact her? Furthermore, shouldn’t you also be speaking to Bella about this?  Why is it okay for her to block her FATHER?  Would it be okay if she did that to you? 3. It’s 10PM.  Bella has no known bedtime at your home and an extremely popular awards show was on at the time.  Are you really expecting me/us to believe that the teenager is asleep?!?!?!



4 thoughts on “This Broad Here

  1. Tika

    Through your post, I can feel your frustration with the whole situation. One thing I have to comment on is it is really not right to exclude the mom from your house. Yes, I don’t understand the situation fully since I am not l,iving it, BUT, you both share something in common, a child with your husband. Before you got married, you knew full well there was some “baggage” involved. What are you teaching your child when you exclude the mother of her sister from even entering your house? What are you teaching your child when there is straight up animosity and immaturity going on? No, you might never, ever, be one big happy family, but you are family and will forever be connected due to children. To foster a healthier environment that your child’s relationship with her sibling can flourish and stop all the unnecessary drama, you might want to rethink stooping down to the mother’s level. Being a Christian is not something we take off when it’s inconvenient for us. You show the love of Christ to even the unlovable. You know I have love for you, but you are wrong on this one because you are not modeling the right behavior for the children. If Bella is being disrespectful, she’s wrong regardless. At the same time, try being in her shoes and seeing that their is such hostility between her mom, dad, and step mom. She lives with her mom and of course will start taking her side and acting up. You need to be the bigger person, regardless if you feel slighted. Yes, you are the wife, but yes, you also married into this and somebody should be the adult.

    1. Xara

      I had a nice response all typed and I was just about to push reply when I grazed some button that I cannot remember and the dagbernthing disappeared!!! Snot snot snot! I am not writing all of that again so in short, I will be responding in a post. stinking computer.

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