(mouth hanging open)

You know those movies that show the oldest or only child coming home after their first semester away at college?   Remember the reactions of that child’s parents when they see their child for the first time in four months?

That is what I felt like this weekend.

Bella and Scott came for a visit. I couldn’t even look Bella in the eye for the first four hours of her visit.  She looked so grown. It hurt my heart because outside of wearing foundation, there was nothing left for her to look forward to.  Everything had changed.  Her hair, her eyes, she’s wearing makeup, her clothes are so adult.  I know that is only my opinion.  I know my husband shares my opinion too but neither of our opinions or thoughts matter.  Tanya is okay with it so we remain speechless.

I felt so sad looking at her.  There was no gradual change.  It was just BAM here it is.  Yes, her hair has been different colors before and her clothing has been tight for years now but to see the whole package now is/was sad.  I have no idea what prom will look like in a few short years if  this is what she looks like today.

All I keep thinking when I look at Bella is that there is no way Jazmine will look like that.

I know that is a lofty thought.  I can’t guarantee that Jazmine won’t to do her best to look like her sister does now when she is her age.  I just pray that I won’t change up and allow that when Jazmine gets older; not all at one time.  That we, my husband and I, keep things out in front of her for her to look forward to as she grows and not give her every privilege under the sun at one time.


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