Here’s a thought.  As followers of Christ, a core of our faith is that when we die, we go to heaven to live with Christ.  We trust God emphatically to do this.  Here’s the conundrum.  We trust Him to save us from hell but we have difficulty trusting Him with the day-to-day. Why is that?

I had to ask myself that question.

How is it that I can trust God for my salvation and wholeheartedly believe that when I die I will go to be with Him but as far as keeping my child from getting deathly sick, I panic and wonder?

How can we trust Him for our eternal future but fail to trust him with that same unwavering faith with our daily life?

If the heat goes off, our first thought is, we don’t have money for that.  If the car stutters to start, we think of all our plans going down the toilet.  If our child coughs, we think of the impending inconvenient doctors visit. Why don’t we, why can’t we think that God has it all in control as our first thought? Why can’t we, why don’t we say/think first, “God’s got it”?

I have started to practice saying/thinking/speaking “God’s got it” at every bump in the road of my day-to-day.  Best to start now with the small bumps instead of getting hit in the head with the big bumps.


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