My Apologies

WordPress is starting to piss me off.  I log on and see all this ad mess.  The first thing I think is that my computer has been hacked or something.  But no.  That is not the case.  Wordpress has upgraded, meaning, to get the same service (ad free sites) you have to pay.  I can’t do that right now so I apologize for the dumb ads that appear at the top of the screen. I also see them on the actual posting site and I can not get rid of them!  I might have to invest the $18/year for my own domain.  $18 isn’t much now but I can’t say I will have that much in my mad money when it needs to be renewed.

I also apologize for not posting the past two Mondays. I took pride in not missing (at least I don’t think I missed any) Monday posts during the holidays, only to blunder week 2 and 3 of the New Year. Part of that has to do with my disbelief on the changes to WordPress.  The majority reason is that I would get great post ideas but not sit down to write them.  Inexcusable I know.

That being said, I will work on Monday’s post soon and go back to making writing a priority instead of putting it on the back burner.  See you Monday and thanks for rolling with a sista!


4 thoughts on “My Apologies

  1. Xara

    My apologies ladies. Hubby and I believe it is my computer. Some other quirky things are happening on my machine so we think it’s a browser setting I need to rectify. Thank you for the feedback.

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