I’ve been rebelling against God by not blogging.  I allowed myself to believe that I have nothing of import to say. I have allowed myself to wallow in self-pity.  To see me in person, you wouldn’t know it but I know it. No, I have not been wallowing in self-pity every second of every day since my last post but it has been a struggle to stay the course.  It seems like every day as I struggle to continue to believe, I rediscover a truth of God. That has been a blessing.

Here is one such truth.

Several weeks ago God spoke a word to me through a sermon.  God reaffirmed to me that we are going to the other side; that we would be out of the ark and on with our lives (so to speak). That was encouraging but He didn’t stop there.  He told me to write it down and post it in the bathroom.  So I did.  At the time, my husband was very discouraged and I was faith-filled.  I assumed He wanted me to do that for Brian’s sake.  I wrote it down on a Post-It and taped it to the bathroom mirror.

I was having a particularly rough night after my most recent blunder with God and had been feeling very discouraged. I was weepy in bed and went to the bathroom.  I happened to look up at the mirror and saw the Post-It.  I thanked God for it.  Initially, I felt so stupid at my arrogance.  I thought I was to post the word from the Lord for Brian to see.  Little did I know it was for me.

This is proof that I have it posted.  Of course, because I took a picture in the mirror, you can’t read it.  It says, “We are going to the other side!  It is resolved. Because God said it.”


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