My Top Priority!!!!

I was stressing out!  I was anxious about Jazmine’s new school year.  I didn’t know how I was going to do it all.  Homeschool in the morning, breakfast, and gym time for me all to be completed by noon.  I just couldn’t see it!  School time can be long or short depending on the concept being learned and the temperament of the child. Jazmine can get through something really quick or decide to take 15 minutes to color one picture. I made her school time to be first thing in the morning because my husband and I have discovered she responds best during that time.

The hiccup is that I am not a morning person. Waking up at 7AM to me is ungodly. Especially not for Pre-K3 homeschool. No way.  The other hiccup is that I exercise.  I do it because I like it.  I don’t feel right unless I have some form of purposed physical exertion at least three days a week.  My gym has morning child care but it ends at noon.  I could not see how I could do it all.  How was I going to be an un-rushed educator to my child and make the gym? Something had to give.

Her education was not to be compromised.  They gym had to change.

I found a new gym that has childcare extended to 1PM. It is five minutes from the house as opposed to my old gym that was 15 minutes away. This week was a test run. Even on a long school day, I can still make it to the gym in plenty of time to get my workout in.

What a relief!

The gym change was not an easy decision.  I was very comfortable with the childcare provider at my old gym and it was only because of her that I stayed at that gym as long as I did.  I struggled to get there in time to complete my workout before childcare ended for a year or so now. It was such a rush in the morning to get there.  Jazmine’s school time will not be rushed nor will her lesson time be adjusted on a daily basis to fit my needs. It isn’t necessary.

I have had to make rules for myself to follow so my family and friends will follow suit as well.  I implemented the following changes in my life as of yesterday:

1. Jazmine’s designated school time is from 9-10AM. It won’t take anywhere near that long to finish her daily learning but that is the time I blocked off for it. We can start late or start early but that time is blocked.

2. I do not turn on my cell phone until her learning is complete.

3. I do not answer the house phone until her learning is complete.

4. I am completely unavailable for anyone or anything until after her learning is complete.

My gym time is also important to me. I have swung from the far right to the far left with making it a priority.  At one point, I would miss all opportunities to build relationships with other women because I made the gym my first priority.  Now, I’ve swung back to the far left with compromising that time because of the needs of others.  That is not correct either.  There is a balance and I am finding it.  This brings me to my last newly implemented rule.

5. Unless the Holy Spirit prompts me to do otherwise on any particular day, my gym time is set. I will be unavailable until after I’ve had that time in the morning as well. I will obey the Lord immediately if He says to do otherwise.


The coming weeks no longer cause me anxiety. (tremendous exhale)


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