What Makes A Milestone?

My baby started Pre-K3 two weeks ago.  Because we home school, it didn’t really dawn on me to take a picture of her on her first day. It was an exciting day but not one I thought to photographically document because we weren’t even dressed.  We were both in our pajamas, teeth not brushed, her hair was untamed, and hadn’t even had breakfast yet. With the exception of our learning time, our day started out the same way it usually does.

It wasn’t until I checked Facebook that I thought maybe I should have taken a picture of her sitting at her little table with her coloring activity of the day.  Other Mommy’s photographed their baby’s first day of school.  I should have also.  No.  My baby wasn’t wearing new clothes.  No. She didn’t have a new backpack.  No. She didn’t have lunch packed and no, she wasn’t waiting at the bus stop.  Are those the things that mark educational firsts?  No. Are they first? Yes.  Yes, they are and they should be documented but that alone does NOT define a first day of school milestone.

I am not sure when or if Jazmine will ever experience that kind of first day of school but her first day of school is just as special whether she is properly groomed for the day or not.

Monday morning, I will document her 9th day of school with a picture. I will post it on this blog as my way to publicly commemorate her milestone. I will make a big deal of her first day next year.  I don’t have to post it on a social network  (I doubt the majority will understand it even if I did post it).  I just need to keep record of it for our family because it is important. 


2 thoughts on “What Makes A Milestone?

  1. I had the same thought on my kids first days this year (we also homeschool). I saw all the pictures of kids with their backpacks and new clothes. But even though we didn’t get pictures, it was special still the same! Thanks for the thoughts!

    1. Xara

      Thank you for your comment. I am glad it helped you. Sometimes our walk can feel very lonely until one cries out and we realize we are not alone. Hope you visit the blog again!

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