I Dropped The Ball

I don’t read the Bible to her. I don’t pray with her.  I even relinquished saying grace and her nightly prayers to be  her responsiblity. I thought her seeing me have my quiet time was enough.  She asked to have quiet time with me and I said no. It was my alone time with God.  I thought teaching her to respect that was paramount. I stopped teaching her Bible verses because, after a year of doing it, I thought she was too young. Besides, she wasn’t really memorizing it. She was repeating it but I didn’t see it take hold. At the Lord’s prompting, I get to Sunday school so she can go to her class.  She looks forward to it.  She enjoys her teacher.  I thought that bit of Jesus teaching was enough.  I do not have any set aside teaching time at home.  I do make sure she watches her letter sounds video everyday. I do make sure she has some type of school lesson everyday. I do work on obedience and the consequences of disobedience but I completely dropped the ball with the most important education/life lesson of all.  Teaching Jazmine about God.

Click the following link to read the article that God used to prick my heart. http://www.thebettermom.com/2012/08/07/11911/

No matter how many activities we may involve Jazmine in, or how many other Christian outlets/influences we expose her to, NOTHING is a substitute for my role as her mother to teach her about Jesus. extracurricular activities should support what is already being taught at home.  It is a supplement. That is the same view I will take on Jazmine’s biblical studies. Everything else she is involved in is a substitute for what I (and her father) am already teaching.

This blog post is written after spending the last 24-hours worrying and fretting over the possibility of Jazmine entering Kindergarten in two years. I was prepared to do half-day Kindergarten but that is no longer offered in my state.  The only way to avoid a full-day program through the local schools is to enroll in a private school ($3,400/yr which is currently not financially foreseeable) or homeschool.  I looked up the guidelines to began to formally homeschool in my state and quickly became overwhelmed.  The state didn’t ask for anything major but because I am new, it didn’t take much to freak me out especially after finding out there was not part-time program anymore.  It’s not offered ANYWHERE here.  I fretted and worried on Jazmine knowing too much scholastically and being too bossy socially.  I worried about her adjusting to an entire day away from home. I cried when I realized that her 8:30-3:15 school day would leave me a meer five or so hours a day to spend time with her. The first hour or so in the morning would be consumed with getting her ready and making it to the bus stop.  The remaining hours when she returned home would be consumed with any home assignments, dinner, bath, and bed. No where near the amount of influential play and learning time I am accustomed to.

All that fretting over worldly geared, albeit important, school and I blunder on the most important learning she will ever encounter.  Christ.

I am humbled at my arrogance to think that I satisfied her biblical teaching requirement with just Sunday school.

I am eternally grateful that God has made me aware of this at Jazmine’s tender age of three.

I have been putting off my personal Bible Study for the day but now see (again) how absolutely vital it is for me.

I look forward to Jazmine’s waking so I can pour Jesus into her each and every day.

I will not rebuke her when she request to read and study with me.

I am a changed woman and, with God’s help, I will forever stay that way.


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