The Conclusion To The Vacation Workaround

I last left you with a cliffhanger. Are Bella and Scott going on the family vacation with us or not?  This is the conclusion.

My husband spoke with Tanya’s mother, Bella and Scott’s grandmother, about the possibility of them not going to their family reunion but instead coming on vacation with us.  She said she already paid for them to attend.  My husband removed the subject of money from the table and offered to reimburse her the money she paid and asked again if she would consider the children going with us on vacation.  She did not provide an immediate answer.

In the mean time, I began to pray and ask God to help me see, learn, and understand the dynamics of my family of four.  At the time, Anthony was the only bonus child I had in the house and I wanted to learn the dynamics of having just him and Jazmine especially if it would just be the four of us on vacation.

A few days later, Bella and Scott’s grandmother responded.  She said no.  She really wanted the kids to be with her at the reunion.

I was heart-broken. I know. I know.  That’s a FAR cry from where I was when I wanted a workaround huh. Well, let me explain.  Bella spent maybe four days with us in July.  Scott spend a little more than a week I think.  During the time of Scott’s stay, Anthony lit up!  He was so happy to have his brother, another male his age, to play with. They giggled and laughed and really enjoyed each other’s company. To see Scott go and not return was hard to watch because I felt so bad for Anthony but it could not be helped.

So, I took to my knees.  I prayed and entreated God to see if He would make a way for Scott to go on vacation with us.  I know that sounds funny to ask for one child to go and not the other but hear me out.  Anthony and Scott fit like two peas in a pod. Bella is thirteen.  She would be the only young teen on the trip  (we went with 15 other family members) and the usual amount of attention she is accustomed to receiving from her mother and her grandmother would NOT be met at ALL on this trip. Not that she wouldn’t be paid attention to or included or anything like that but we, not my husband and I nor anyone else with the exception of maybe my mother-in-law, would feed into any drama she presented. I think she would have been miserable even though she said she wanted to go.  Hence, why I prayed for only Scott to go after their grandmother gave her answer.

About two weeks maybe passed between the final answer and our departure date. The last few days leading up to our departure date, I heard the Lord’s soft answer. Scott would not be going but He would honor my request about understanding my family of four dynamics.

We had a FABULOUS time on vacation and look forward to going again next year. I gained new insight on my family of four dynamic with each day and I am still learning. We have not seen Bella nor Scott since the second week in July. Anthony is back home with his mother.  He has a few weeks of vacation with his mother before school starts. There have been no requests to come visit Daddy and we are not scheduled to have any child in the near future.



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