And I’m Back

I took my new-found anonymous freedom too far.  I got away from the reason I started the blog. It became my own thing; a place to vent my current trials in Bonusmomhood.  Venting isn’t the problem but not having or even being open to godly solutions is. I wrote with furry. I wrote with much anger and I wanted to stay there.  I wanted misery as my company. I wanted those involved to be corrected for their wrongdoing. Maybe if I wrote vehemently enough here, something would change there.

Bottom line?  I was writing without resolve and for that I apologize.  Please accept my apology.

I am back now.  The trials have not changed.  The players have not changed. I changed.  I am refocused back on Christ working through this blog and it being His outreach to His daughters through little me.


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