Who Knew???

Bonus Momma, you don’t know everything.

We only know what we are presented.  We can only draw conclusions on what we are allowed to see and hear.  Granted, we can make accurate suppositions based on people’s patterns of behavior, but there are wild cards.

Bella Instagramed a picture of a pancake she made for Scott.  It was S-shaped for his first name. My husband showed it to me. I was shocked.  My first thought was, I had no idea the girl could make pancakes!  Truly, I was (am) shocked. I have tried cooking and baking different things with Bella.  Over the years, I’ve had her in the kitchen with me several times but each time, she would end up in the family room watching TV. I just assumed cooking wasn’t her thing.  I didn’t try to force it on her.  It’s not my place to.  On the other hand, if Jazmine tries to pull that mess on me, she is out of luck!  That girl is going to learn how to cook whether she likes it or not.  That’s just who her Momma is.  Cooking is a life skill.  Like it or hate it, it is still necessary.

I had completely eased off of Bella having working culinary knowledge. I know her mother has a few signature dishes, and her grandmother can cook but I couldn’t see where they were passing that knowledge on.  It was not evident during her visits.

That picture was a slap of reality to the face. I am glad she can make pancakes.  I am glad she is more capable than she appears to be and how she is presented to be in the culinary arts.

Maybe there are other things being taught, good things, that we have not yet been shown…


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