Do People Think?

Father’s Day is next Sunday. My husband has already put feelers out to see if we can get my bonus children this weekend.  Since school is out, and no one is in camp this week, theoretically we should be able to get them before Friday or Saturday.

Anthony is a go.  It’s just a matter of when my husband is going to get him.  We haven’t seen him in a few weeks.  Personally, I think his mother is starting to feel a little bad about that and is trying to make up for that lost time.

My husband just got word from Tanya that she has plans for Bella and Scott Friday afternoon. I don’t think she thinks.  Why make plans for children on that weekend? I know they are Friday afternoon plans but how long do those plans last? To us, it’s just like them being in school.  Friday afternoon plans mean we won’t get them until 10PM Friday night.

Father’s Day is Sunday and we will do something special that day but my husband is a minister.  Our church has two services Sunday morning and he is there for both of them.  He is tired afterwards. My children will get the most out of my husband Saturday, not Sunday.  They will get the most time to spend together Saturday, not Sunday. Anthony will go home Sunday because he has camp the following day. Most likely, he will go home early Sunday and miss most of the Father’s Day activities that happen on Father’s Day.

It would have been nice for my husband’s Father’s Day to be spaced out over four days.  It would have been nice for him not to have to pick up children late Friday.  So far, the plans for next weekend look like any other weekend during the school year.   A late Friday, action packed Saturday, tired but have to serve on Sunday is the norm.  The only difference is this Sunday is supposed to be special.

After my husband told me about Tanya’s text, I saw him sitting on the steps looking reflective. He was staring at the pictures hung on the wall of our family and friends. He didn’t say it, but I could what he was thinking. “Why do I always have to beg for my children?”


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