Finally In That Place

Diet and Nutrition
Diet and Nutrition (Photo credit: fantasyhealthball)

I have often envisioned my physical self as being more fit and firm than it was.   I’ve flirted with real change to my lifestyle and diet ever since I got married. Always trying to get back to my premarital physique.

I asked the Lord to grant me legs that look like so and so’s, a butt that looks like this person’s, and arms that look like they have seen a dumbbell.   I don’t know so and so or this person personally.  It’s just people I see in passing whom I admire their fitness.

Today, after a year and four months of purposeful fitness and four months of dietary self-control, that I have seen the light.

My legs look shapely.  Sadly, I still have no butt.  My arms look like I dabbel in dumbbells. Fully clothed, and while I am standing up, my stomach is flat.

I am there.

I am in that place where I have once again found the balance between exercise and diet for me.  It was a long time coming. It was hard work. But to be able to look at myself in the mirror and see me the way I remember seeing me ten years ago (minus the stretch marks) is PRICELESS!

I know I sound cliché. I certainly wanted a 90 day turnaround but that is not how it happened. But I am certainly glad it’s here!


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