The Middle School Graduation

I was not nervous at all.

Normally, even now, I am shaking in my boots anytime I know I have to share space with Tanya. I fear that I will have to confront her on something and I HATE confrontations.

I prayed before I left and, when I was finished, felt a huge weight leave my shoulders. I actually looked forward to the meal after her graduation.  That is the time I was initially dreading because that is where we would have to “socialize”.

The graduation ceremony went well.  Tanya was outside waiting for us to give us our tickets.  I didn’t even notice or recognize her as we were walking up. I enjoyed the graduation ceremony.  I sat next to my sister-in-law and Jazmine was in my lap.

After the ceremony, pictures were taken.  I was excluded and “included” at the same time. Excluded – when my husband went in search of Bella, he found her and her mother who had her camera. They took their family photos. I saw them from a distance.  Tanya did not usher everyone together for the photo session.  Included – Once she got her pictures, they made their way back to us where I was told, “Xara, get in the picture”.  That picture was of me, Bella, and my sister-in-law.  My husband and I were not asked to take a picture with Bella.  A picture, or lack thereof, is worth a thousand words.

We had brunch after the photo-op. I ended up sitting directly across from Tanya. This was not by choice but because Jazmine wanted to sit next to her sister and I was NOT leaving her around Tanya and her mother, Eva, unsupervised. My husband offered to switch with me but I declined. Offspring wanted to sit near her sister and I was sitting next to offspring. I am not afraid of Tanya so no need for me to leave.

I briefly and periodically conversed with Eva. All but one exchange was initiated by her.  I spoke no words to Tanya.  I didn’t even look in her direction but once. The eyes are the window to the soul.  If I look in your eyes, you can tell EXACTLY how I feel about you.  My gaze would have shown disgust at best. I didn’t see the need to do that. I am also not for faking. I don’t do drama and I am not going to fake the funk.  Being cordial is one thing. Faking a working relationship is something else. It seemed as if she was willing to play nice.  I don’t play nice.  I am.  If I am not, I certainly am not going to pretend that I am.

There was a brief moment where I thought I’d have to check Tanya. I asked my husband to get Jazmine because she was getting restless. Tanya said to me, “No, she’s fine.” I repeated to my husband to get Jazmine.  Tanya repeated to him, “No, she’s fine” a couple of times.  I glanced up at Tanya, a viper readying to strike, when Eva told her to stay in her lane. Tanya quieted. The viper recoiled. My husband put Jazmine in his lap.

Brunch took entirely too long. The service was horrible. Other than that, the brunch was almost uneventful.

Scott graduates elementary school in two years.  I don’t worry about that.  I don’t know why things are so severe when it comes to Bella but almost insignificant when it comes to Scott. They, Tanya and Eva, don’t seem to make that big of a fuss over Scott.  Bella’s high school graduation is the next big event. So, until then…


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