Mother’s Day

Mothers' Day Cake crop
Mothers’ Day Cake crop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I spent the first half of this Mother’s Day confused. I didn’t know how I should have felt. I thought Mother’s Day was supposed to be something magical.  I thought I should have felt like the actresses portraying moms in the Hallmark and jewelry store commercials.  I thought I should have felt blissful, reflective and had a day free of worry and chores.  I thought somewhere along the line I was supposed to be catered to hand and foot for at least  one activity anyway.

The hype leading up to this day depressed me. I saw all the Facebook post of women whose husbands sent them to the spa for pampering, to the salon to get their hair done, to a special event to spend time with girlfriends, or go out-of-town. I saw the appreciative posts of new moms praising the joys of motherhood. Seeing all of that and not being in the moment myself caused me to feel like I lacked something. That and those Every Kiss Begins With Kay commercials made me feel like I was missing some magical Mother’s Day moment.

The evening of Mother’s Day eve, I was puttering around the house doing my normal chores, washing dishes, general straightening up but I was angry about it.  I had such an attitude.  I’m cleaning like a mad woman, trying to finish my agenda before I went to bed.  I acted like all things had to be done that night because it wouldn’t be right for me to do anything normal tomorrow.  That thinking stressed me out and the result was a really pissed off mama.

Finally, I had to ask myself why I was so pissed off.  The answer was clear.  I had gotten subconsciously hyped up on what Mother’s Day “should” be.

Although, at this point I had identified my source of frustration, I still did not let go of my feelings.  I gripped my anger with two fists.

I woke up Sunday morning and checked Facebook (I know. I am so ashamed). I saw a friend write this post

It wouldn’t truly be Mother’s Day unless you really do some mothering lol, my poor daughter woke up crying at 4am with a 102.7 fever so now after meds, a cooling off with tepid towels, and some momma cuddling she’s back asleep finally.  To all you mommies out there who are up at all hours of the night and day to nurse your little ones back to health, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!

That post summed up the rest of the day for me.

Commercials are not my life.  I don’t have any days off.  Mother’s Day was no different from any other day for me.  I still got my daughter up, fed, dressed, and did her hair like every other day.  I still struggled to get us to Sunday School on time. I still had to correct and teach her.  I still fed her snack/lunch when we got home and at the end of the day, I still washed her up, brushed her teeth, said her prayers with her, and put her in the bed just like every other day.  And really, how in the world could I honestly celebrate Mother’s Day without doing the very things that define me as a mother?

Bonus Mom sidebar – 

I play a game with myself to see if my predictions are correct about whether or not I’ll get a card, call, or text from my bonus children. Bella called her father on his cell phone today. During their conversation Brian asked to speak to Scott.  Scott wished me a Happy Mother’s Day via my husband. Scott. Not Bella. This was not an oversight. 

Anthony’s mother text me wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day. It was a flowery text and I could not tell if it was exclusive to me or a mass girlfriend type of Mother’s Day text you send to your female friends.  Either way, it was nice and I told her how much I appreciated it.

As far as my game is concerned, I was right about Bella and Anthony.  They did as I predicted. Scott.  Scott is the only one that surprised me.  A pleasant surprise indeed. 

I spent this Mother’s Day with my parents, my mother-in-law, one of my sisters, husband, and daughter. We went for a ride, looked at some model homes, ate dinner and went for ice cream.  I think our moms enjoyed it and that was the most important thing for me.

At the end of this Mother’s Day, I can honestly reflect on the importance of why I celebrate this day.  My mother and my mother-in-law are alive, healthy, and doing well and I am a mommy in my own right.

It is 10:52PM at the close of Mother’s Day 2012. I am sitting upright in bed typing this post, with my lamp on low and my three-year old Jazmine lounged upside down (head where her feet should be/feet on the pillow)asleep next to me.

A perfect end to a normal day.


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