What To Do About Scott?

Scott is my youngest bonus son. He is nine years old.

My husband is not his biological father but we accept him as our own. We never wanted him to feel left out when we came to pick up Bella.

We made our decision about Scott while he was still in Tanya’s womb. We first watched him when he was four months old. Tanya asked us to keep him while she and Bella attended an affair. We have been getting him ever since. After that initial encounter, we requested his presence. Soon thereafter, unless he was going to spend time with his father, he came with us.

Scott’s father passed away before his second birthday.

It’s always been a doosey trying to explain Scott. I don’t want to out him as not being biologically ours and make him feel like he wasn’t as much a part of the family as his sister. I also struggled with trying to defend my husband to people who gave me the “he has kids” look by somehow lessening the animosity and explaining by saying, “Oh no.  He only has two children.  Scott is not biologically his.”

Tanya adds to this problem.  She is so conniving and manipulative that anything we do that she can construe for her benefit (money), she will. If that were not the case, my husband would have asked to adopt him years ago.

With my new resolve to just state that we have a blended family, I thought I had finally dealt with how to answer any and all questions regarding our family. It wasn’t until my husband was writing up a ministry resume that we were faced with that question again.  We know we have four children but to state that on a resume only to have to explain later why only the third child calls my husband something other than Daddy seemed wrong. On the other hand, it also didn’t sit right with us to write that we had three children because to us, that was a lie.

So, what do we do about Scott?

We have decided to state the truth as we view ourselves.  My husband’s resume will read that we have a blended family of four children.  Specifics will be granted when specifics are necessary, which is pretty much the same thing I decided to do in the previous post.  🙂

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