It’s Martha’s Vineyard…Not Mine

If given a choice of where to vacation, I would opt for the all-inclusive resort.  It matters not where.  Most all-inclusive resorts that I am aware of have pretty swanky digs not to mention the food is free and that is a HUGE plus for me.

A a follower of Christ, I know I am to serve Him.  By serving Him we become the hands and feet of Jesus.  Once I began serving from my heart, not because I had to do it but because I wanted to, somewhere along the line, I started choosing where I wanted to serve.

I took the all-inclusive resort options instead of going where He wants so I might best serve Him. I served in other people’s vineyard instead of where I was supposed to be.

Thrice now, I have been given the gentle stop.  I have been told ever so sweetly but meaningfully that my help was not wanted. It hurt.  It hurt because I was trying to serve where I wanted to.  I wanted to be at a certain place, with certain people and I was not permitted to be there.

For the life of me I could not figure out why that was!  I started replaying all of my interactions with folks in my mind. “Maybe it was something I said?  Maybe it was something I didn’t say? Maybe it was something I did or didn’t do?”

I was so upset. I didn’t call anyone.  What was there to say?  The timing certainly wasn’t appropriate.

So, I brewed.

It wasn’t until now, after I fell on my face to the Lord that I can see clearly see where I erred.

I was choosing to serve where I wanted instead of asking God where He wanted me to serve.  Sure, somethings are no brainer.  I don’t have to ask if I should serve Him by calling someone who is sick or helping someone who I can see is in crisis. But there are doors open specifically for me.  Places where God has for me to be to serve Him.  I have asked Him to show me the doors He has opened for me to serve Him.  I have asked Him to tell me when He wants me to go through those doors (His timing has proven to be different from mine 🙂

I have stopped looking for the all-inclusive resorts. I’ve stopped trying to work in Martha’s vineyard.  Instead, I will be open, ready, and willing to serve my Lord and Savior whenever and where ever He wants me to be.


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