Monkey Wrench

My mind is a bit of mush right now.  I have attempted to write this post twice now but to no avail (and I’m three days late to boot!) I had several monkey wrenches thrown into last week that effected the weekend.  I’d love to write all about them but I just can’t right now.  I’m burned out from my weekend.

Nothing major happened really.  Nothing out of the ordinary life of an bonus mom.  Kids come.  Kids don’t come.  Kids are scheduled to come.  Kids don’t come.  Kids aren’t scheduled to come.  Kids show up.  This is what it is. One big monkey wrench.

I have said it before.  CHILDREN ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. The situation they were conceived into is. Unfortunately for them, they bear the consequences of thoughtless actions.

The monkey wrenches get on my nerves. It is very tiresome.

My husband looked at me and told me I needed to go to sleep.  It is that bad.

It is hard to make plans, look forward to them, and enjoy them if your weekends are always subject to.  Some weekends, I don’t feel “safe” to enjoy them until after 9PM Friday and even then, that just means I am semi-safe from having a phone call about children coming over Friday evening.  That “safe” feeling is gone Saturday morning only to return Saturday evening at 9PM because by then I know for sure that no one is coming.

By “safe” I mean that I can enjoy whatever plan I have without having to have a backup plan in mind just in case.  That feeling of “safety” has NOTHING to do with my bonus children themselves.  It has EVERYTHING to do with the drama and unexpectedness (aka monkey wrench) of getting the children. Either I spend hours anticipating arrivals or spend hours trying to enjoy a bonus free weekend.  (I know that sounds strange.  How can I enjoy spending time with my bonus children and then still enjoy weekends when they are not scheduled to come?   It’s really easy actually.  I will have to expound on that in another post.)

I just wish folks could get set already!  In order to communicate effectively there must be honesty and humility.  Both are necessary to tell the truth.   When one or both of these key components lack, you end up with nothing but monkey wrenches.

I wish someone would ask me what I thought because I would have NO PROBLEM telling them where to pick it up and where to put it down!


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