I Cracked Up. It Was Bound To Happen.

Thursday 2/16/12

I text the head of the Young Adult Ministry at church to confirm our family’s attendance to the snow tubing trip they are hosting Saturday.  (Her and her husband already know that our RSVP are late because it depends on if we have my bonus children) I began to get excited.  I have wanted to take all of my children snow tubing ever since I went a few years back.  This was my chance.  I was like a kid on Christmas Day.  I was SUPER excited.

Friday 2/17/12

Two of my three bonus children came that weekend.  My husband picked up my sons (my daughter had plans) from school and kept the snow tubing a secret.  I totally forgot to tell my husband to tell the children to make sure they pack warm and bring boots but I figured we would make do.  We were going to have a blast!

Saturday 2/18/12

SNOW TUBING!! My husband had a meeting at church so we were going to leave when he finished which was about an hour after the church group left for the trip.  I was so excited!  I got the kids ready.  I did Jazmine’s hair.  I got myself ready. I told the boys to pack an extra pair of pants and to layer their tops.  (I was going to have them put the other pants on when we got there or change into them when we were finished).  I pulled out Jazmine’s snow pants and boots.  I packed water and a snack for all of us.

One of my sons didn’t have a coat.  He thought he had it with him but couldn’t find it when we were getting ready to go.  Fine.  Wear one of Daddy’s.  My other son didn’t have a hat.  Fine.  Wear one of the ones in the closet.  The first son I mentioned said he had a hat and he did…a baseball cap.  No son.  That won’t do.  Wear one of the ones in the closet.  I was coming downstairs to shew everyone out the door into the car when my husband says, “Xara! Look at that boy’s shoes,” referring to my oldest son the one who didn’t have a hat. “He can’t wear those!” I look down at my son’s feet.  He was wearing dress shoes.  I ask my son, “You didn’t pack any other shoes?”  “No,” he replied.

A flicker of hope. I have a solution.  I run upstairs and pull out a pair of black tennis shoes someone gave me for Jazmine but they are way too big for her.  They are a size 3.  I ask my son and he says he wears a size 6.  My husband said he can’t wear shoes that are too small for him.

That’s it. We can’t go.  All because my son, who ALWAYS has tennis shoes with him because he is almost ALWAYS wearing them, didn’t bring them this time.

I’m crushed.

We were completely ready to go.  I had the address of the location already in my GPS.  All I had to do was grab Jazmine’s snow pants and my pocketbook.

I went upstairs in our bedroom and cried and laughed at the same time.

I truly cracked up.  I was crying as much as I was laughing.  All I could say was SHOES!! REALLY! TENNIS SHOES! THAT’S WHY I CAN’T GO SNOW TUBING BECAUSE THE BOY DIDN’T BRING HIS TENNIS SHOES!!???!!!

I was beside myself at the shear stupidity of the whole thing.  Something that small was so serious to keep me from fulfilling my desire.

My husband came up to try to console me but it wasn’t happening.  I had to work through the emotion.  I was beyond disappointed.

No. My husband did not want to go to Target to get a pair of shoes so we could go.  No. The boy was not going to get a new pair of tennis out of the deal for forgetting his shoes.  No. He had no idea we were going snow tubing.  No. He did not know he missed out on anything because even after we couldn’t go, my husband and I did not tell them where we were going. Yes.  The boy ALWAYS has tennis shoes with him.  If nothing else, him and his mother over pack.  But this weekend, THIS WEEKEND, he wears his dress shoes to school and has NO OTHER SHOE in his bag.

Sunday 2/19/12

I give the same speech Sunday after Sunday.  “Make sure you have everything! Pack up all of your belongings.  Do you have all of your Wii games, movies, toys, clothes, hat, bag,” etc etc etc? But it never fails.  IT NEVER EVER FAILS that my sons forget something.  This time, my oldest son left his jacket in the back seat of the van.  The boy just got in the van that morning knowing full well we were meeting his mother at church.  Why he felt the need to hang his jacket on the hook in the backseat, I’ll never know.  Why he did not remember that he put the jacket right next to his head hanging from the hook in the car in the backseat where he was sitting, I’ll never know.  I didn’t see the jacket until I was getting out of the car when we returned home after church service.

My other son outdid his brother.  He forgot everything. His tennis shoes were left downstairs in the shoe rack. His weekend bag was in the back of the van.  My husband took him to his mother after church in his car.  I had his belongings in the van.  Neither I nor my husband thought about moving his belongings to the car.  We usually have the bags in the correct car in the first place.  It wasn’t until my husband pulls up to meet his mother that my son says, “Pops? Do you have my bag?” My son’s explanation was he thought my husband got his bag and put it in the trunk of the car.  Why he didn’t confirm that thought prior to leaving the church, I don’t know.

So, at some point tomorrow my son’s mother said she’s going to “work something out” to get his belongings.  I hope that is not code for we drive 45 minutes down to her house because that is SO not happening.  Certainly not with the weekend I just had.


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