Help Wanted

It is my earnest plea that this blog reaches the thirsty souls of women who just want to hear from another woman who understands.

There is not enough help for bonus moms!  When I first started this blog, I assumed I was just a speck in an already populated pond of bloggers on the subject.  NOT SO!  I googled bonus mom blogs and I found two blogs, TWO, that were dedicated to bonus moms.  I googled stepmom blogs and more than two showed up.

In my opinion, referring to oneself as step mom is NOT the same as referring to oneself as bonus mom.  Finding a Christian bonus mom blog is pert near non-existent!  I googled Christian bonus mom and guess what popped up?  This blog. Positions one and two were posts.

That was severely depressing even more so with the past four weeks I’ve had.  The last four weeks have been filled with advice that don’t fit my non-cookie cutter life.  The advice I received was good but was not applicable to me.  I kept searching for something out there that was applicable to me and couldn’t find anything.  When you are parched in spirit and just want someone to have written something that shows the other side of what you are going through and you don’t find it, it makes you feel worse than you did when you first started looking.  There seems to be a never-ending supply of advice for everyone else except you and your circumstance(s).

That is where I need your help.  Up until now, I have not advertised this blog nor (aside from  Facebook and Twitter links) tried to promote it.  I am asking for you to help me promote this blog.  Bonus moms need help. Several parts of this walk are very hard.  Honesty, authenticity, and transparency are very important if any woman expects to survive it in tact. It’s not easy being the first one to jump out there and spill her guts out but if it helps another woman not feel so isolated than it is totally worth it.

With that, I humbly ask that if you have enjoyed a particular post or enjoy the blog in general, please forward a link to other bonus moms as you have opportunity.  Aside from my spouse, this blog has been a covert operation for me.  Readers that I know personally have had to speak to me in code or in low tones if they wanted to discuss something about it with me in public.  That is just how gun-shy I was about it so any form of publicity is a tremendous amount of “action cures fear” at work here.  My personal action to help promote this blog will be to add a link to the blog as my signature on my emails. That is a HUGE step for me.

It is my earnest plea that this blog reaches the thirsty souls of women who just want to hear from another woman who understands.


2 thoughts on “Help Wanted

  1. Wow! Are you ever a kindred spirit! I too just started a stepmom blog -and likewise covert op- to be able to talk about how wonderful I want my new -I like how you put it- bonus mom experience to be, but also about just how challenging I’m beginning to see this could get. I’m still getting familiar with the whole blogging process, but it’s been really great so far seeing that there are others out there in my shoes and an untapped source of support! Best of luck with your blog and your bonus mom experience!

    • Thank you. I read your blog and I agree. Writing out your life can be very cathartic and through that, it can also reach others to help them as well. I hope something I’ve written/write can help you in your journey. It sounds like you are just getting started. I’m nine married years in. You can add two years to that if you count when the first child’s mother started to go rouge 🙂 Either way, the only thing you can control are your actions. God bless you.

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