She Get It From Her Momma!

There is no one to blame when you are a stay-at-home-mommy (SAHM).  There’s no teacher.  There’s no day care provider.  There is no babysitter.  There is no grandmother, great-aunt, next door neighbor, sister’s best friend’s cousin, or any of that to share the burden of what the child is taking in and expressing.  It’s all well and good when the child does something amazing or “beyond their years”.  It’s cute then.  It feels good to have someone recognize that your child is learning and that you are the one teaching them.  But then there are moments like these.

Yesterday, my two-year old daughter informed me she was going upstairs with her grandmother.  I said ok.  She got to the landing on the third step, turned and looked at me and said, “Don’t be up and set. No crying. No whining. I’m okay. No worries”, all with her hand raised and her neck swiveling.

This evening, my sister informs me that, in response to a no response she just received, my child told her, “I don’t care.  I get my own!” This was followed by an eye roll.

I could go on with the things this child does.  I can’t blame anyone but me.  She gets it all from me.  Granted, the way she expresses it is not exactly how I express it to her.  I do tend to swivel my neck when she has plucked my last nerve.  I do hold my hand up and say “oh no no no ma’am”.  When she tells me she won’t give me any kisses I do say “I don’t care!  I’ll get my own!” and I tickle and kiss her until Mommy is satisfied.  “No crying.  No whining. No whimpering” is a daily mantra here.  “No worries. You are okay. Don’t be upset” are frequently used to settle nerves and calm emotions.

All of that comes out jumbled and sounds like a mean adult when it comes out of her.  And the first question on everyone’s lips?  “Who taught her that?” or “Where did she get that from?”  My answer? “She get it from her Momma” (Yes. I say it just like Juvenile does in his song).

There is no one else to blame but me. There is no one else to point fingers too.  She does pick up a few things from her siblings when they visit but those habits are typically gone within a week.  She is not around any one person even a fraction of the time she spends with me.

If she can count to 20, I did it.  If she can recite a Bible verse, I did it.  If she can put chapstick on by herself, I did it.  If she growls when she is frustrated, I did it.  If she looks at you like you’re crazy when she is told to do something she doesn’t want to do, I did it.  If she can zip up her coat all by herself, I did it.

SAHM = all of the blame and all of the glory at the same time.  Why? Because she ALWAYS gets it from her Momma!


2 thoughts on “She Get It From Her Momma!

  1. Beef

    And it is so cute to see her do all the stuff she does!! She was baking with me last night and I took out the spatula to mix the dough. She looked at me and said “are you going to pop me?” I chuckled and said “no, I need it to mix the dough”. She said “Oh, ok. I need one too!” I gave her one and she tells me “I not going to pop you with it, i need it to bake”. Of course she smacked me on the butt with the spatula a few times and for no reason I might add. I was behaving myself at the time. 🙂 She is a joy to be around and to watch. I don’t consider it “blame” that get’s thrown on you, it’s just recognition. I can hear through her the things that are said to her. But becuase I know her parents, I know how they were said to her, and that it all comes out in a different fashion when she says them!! It cracks me up everytime!

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