Forgiveness Is Not Meant To Be Mean

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I didn’t know why exactly.  I had a fantastic day yesterday.  I knew I had been slacking in my quite time with the Lord.  I hadn’t spent one on one time with Him since Thursday and even that was abbreviated.  Even still, I was in a funk that I couldn’t completely explain.

As I began to pray, I felt that all to familiar separation between me and Jesus.  That separation that comes from unconfessed sin.  When I started to pray, I began with thanksgiving and praise.  That soon turned to confession.  I didn’t even realize what I had to confess.  I had unforgiveness in my heart again.  I just wrote about it so I was surprise that that sucker creeped up on me again.  This time, I had several people I had to forgive.  As I forgave them from my heart and confessed it all to Jesus, Matthew 6:14-15 came to mind.  I remember thinking, “God why do I always have to forgive?”  His response was, “Forgiveness is not meant to be mean.  It is meant to be merciful.”


I was blown away at that.  Sometimes it is difficult to see God’s mercy through the immediate pain of not getting our way.  Forgiveness is freeing to the person doing the forgiving.  You no longer carry around that heavy but often times unseen burden of holding a grudge  (unforgiveness).  Forgiveness is a merciful act.  It frees you up even if the person never ever asks for forgiveness from you, if they never knew they wronged you, or if you never see them again.  Regardless of the circumstance, from the most severe to the minor slight, forgiveness is another display of God’s mercy.


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