At The End Of The Day

I try to start off each day with an agenda.  There is always of list of things to do but a daily agenda allows me not to be overrun by said list.  For example, today’s agenda included the following: wash the dishes, go to the grocery store, finish last weeks laundry, go to the mall.  That agenda was on top of the normal things like having my quite time, going to the gym, and having our school lesson.

The night is not over but so far, I am pleased to say that I have accomplished all but one and a half items (I am in the middle of doing the dishes now) on today’s agenda.  Before I go to bed tonight, I will write out my agenda for tomorrow.  Things can get so overwhelming that without a focus, the day can be lost to chaos.

Depending on what’s going on, some days agenda are Must Do lists.  Other days I am looking for things to do because either I am caught up on chores or I have decided to forget about the chores.  Regardless of the day, I need to be constantly reminded about what is important.  Did I tell my husband I love him today?  Did I ask how his day went?  Did I ask him if he needed anything today?  Did I kiss my daughter today?  Did I tell her that I loved her and that I am proud of her?  Did I take time to do what she wanted to do today?  Did I let her work, sit, or just be by my side today?

I have to be consciously aware of those things.  I am a task-oriented person.  I have tunnel vision when it comes to accomplishing something on my list.  Everything and everyone else gets kicked to the curb when I am on a mission.  It doesn’t make a difference what that mission is either.  My mission could be laundry, writing a blog entry, or trying out a new make-up look.  It could be anything.  When I got married but especially after Jazmine was born, it became necessary to release my ties to my mission(s).

I rely heavily on the Holy Spirit telling me, convicting me quickly, when moments arise that require more attention then I am giving them when it comes to my family.  Nothing can be more important than me being the wife and mother God created me to be for His son (my husband) and his daughter (my daughter).


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