Facebook Wasn’t The Problem

About a week ago, I decided to give Facebook a break.  Facebook wasn’t the problem. I was.

I made checking Facebook a priority above all else.  It became my “me time”, my mini breaks during the day time, my waiting at a red light activity, and my I’m-bored-with-nothing-else-to-do time.  It was the first thing I did when I woke up and the last thing I did before I went to sleep. I allowed my enjoyment of Facebook to determine when I got out of bed to get Jazmine breakfast.  I allowed my enjoyment of Facebook to steal moments away from Jazmine and I during the day.  I allowed Facebook to be a gateway to other easily accessible distractions conveniently available on my iTouch.  I gave the Social Network power over my leisure time.

I could sense the Holy Spirit guiding me away from Facebook.  Not because Facebook was wrong but because I was escaping to it instead of to Jesus.  I should have been grabbing my Bible when I was pushing the app icon.  I should have been in prayer when I was busy being a voyeur into the lives of my Facebook friends.

A clean break was the only solution.  Thirty days.  I don’t have the Facebook app on my bookmark bar on my computer, my iTouch, or my cell phone.  It would be too easy to slip with those things still in place.

It’s only been a week.  It takes a while for old habits to die.  Although I have not desired to get on Facebook, it is a bit of a bummer to find something else with which to fill my time.  I’ve read, I’ve prayed, I’ve enjoyed Jazmine even more yet, there are moments when I want to zone out for a few you know?  I like to zone out in between washing loads of laundry or doing housework.  I like to zone out when Jazmine is otherwise occupied with another adult in the house and I have a few moments to myself.  When it’s not enough time to watch a show On-Demand but still enough time for me to do something that is not toddler friendly.

My solution?  Angry Birds.  I’ve already beat all the levels of the version I have.  Now, I’m going back to getting three stars on each game.  I’m going to have to check that soon or else there will be another post…Angry Birds wasn’t the problem…in my future.

PS.  FYI. WordPress is automatically linked to Facebook.  I don’t have to log on to have the post show up on my wall.  It happens automatically.


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