Tried Something Different

I got hurt yesterday.  It was nothing physical.  Some people showed me that the changes I began to see in them were true.  Those changes were not good.

Pride is a very easy thing to fall into.  It is very deceptive.  I watched some people fall yesterday.  They hurt me (knowingly or not) on their way down.  One can feign ignorance for only so long.  Reality will come and bit you in the butt once again.  I promised to God, because of who I am in Him, that I will not change, be different, rude, or act unbecomingly towards them during and when they finish this course of their life.

That being said, I still had to deal with my hurt feelings.  Typically, I find my way to my knees but I take a couple of detours in the process.  This time, when faced with an opportunity to eat some fattening food, I decided to try Christ.

Instead of taking out all of my aggressions on food or anything/anyone else, I took them ALL to the Lord.  I am leading a Bible Study in a few weeks and I have been doing the study to get a jump-start on the class.  I got behind this week and dove into my lesson.  Do you know what happened?  God met me in those pages.  God met me in that very lesson I was studying.  He comforted me.  He held me.  He let me cry.  He listened to me.  He told me He understood.

In the midst of being comforted, I still had a rough time the next day.  Being on the mountain with God is awesome but then you have to leave and come back down to deal with folk and that’s when it gets rough.  My day was hard because reality hit. Actually, it is more accurate to say that my new reality hit.  My circle of trusted relationships had gotten smaller and I was the last to find out.


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