It Took Me A While To Get It, But I Get It. My Own Personal Yelp Page

When we left the hospital with Jazmine, she was 2 pounds under her birth weight.  My mother believes a major factor in that was she did not get the vaginal squeeze at delivery to push out any extra fluid she was carrying.  (Jazmine was born by Cesarean). I was nervous it was because my milk was not in yet.  I had a bit of colostrum but I would pump and pump to try to tell my body to kick in and if I got two ounces collectively, I felt like a champ!  I would walk my little two ounces down to the nurses station and present it to them like I had just won a grand prize! (I would let Jazmine go to the nursery at night).

Our first doctor’s appointment went well.  The pediatrician’s office we chose came highly recommended. Several family members and friends went there and still do.  The pediatrician we saw that day, Dr. Berkowitz, had been one that some of Brian’s family members had seen for 20 years.  He was very nice and encouraging. He said we needed to come back in a few days to check Jazmine’s weight.

I assumed we would be seeing Dr. Berkowitz again.  WRONG! We saw Dr. Feldman.  He told me some things to do that would help Jazmine gain more weight (switch breast every 10 minutes).  That information went against all that I learned from Amber, my LLL leader, and all I had read.  I asked him about nursing long enough to get the hind milk before switching breast.  He disagreed with me and told me to come in in a few days to have her weight checked again. I listened to the doctor because I was scared.  The hospital had already threatened that they would not release Jazmine if she did not gain some of her weight back to put her higher than 10% loss of birth weight.  Out of that fear, we supplemented her nursing with formula for a few feedings just so we could get out of the hospital.  I was afraid that if Jazmine didn’t start gaining weight enough to be normal, her pediatrician would have her go back to the hospital.

The next appointment in the time frame he wanted her seen was a Saturday.  He was working at another office further away Saturday.  I made the appointment for that office and showed up bright and early at 8:30AM.  Once inside our patient room, I saw Dr. Feldman go by.  He looked at me, my husband, and Jazmine and walked right by.  I thought he was gathering his patient file etc and would be coming back in to see her.  WRONG!  I was seen by Dr. Scott-McKinney.

Dr. Scott-McKinney is an awesome doctor.  She has excellent bedside manner and she is thorough. Her appointment went well. My milk had come in and she had gained weight.  My husband said he wanted Jazmine to see her from now on.

I didn’t make the switch.  We saw Dr. Feldman many more times up until last week.  I endured a lot from him.  This is not to say that he is a bad doctor but my experience with him is that if you do anything against what he would prefer, his demeanor towards you changes and he expresses his opinions of your decisions.  For example, at Jazmine’s four-month check up, he asked what milk she was on.  I said breast milk.  He said to Jazmine (I hate it when people talk to the baby to speak their personal opinions to the parent(s).  It’s passive aggressive behavior and I HATE IT!  It is a poor attempt to be confrontational yet non-threatening. It never works.), “Your mother is a glutton for punishment.”  How Rude!

We’ve had issues with Dr. Feldman because we didn’t want Jazmine to get the chicken pox vaccine nor the flu shot for our own reasons.  He told me on our most recent visit that he said my decision (about the flu vaccine specifically) was a bad one.  His demeanor completely changed.  He ended the appointment and left room.  Now, granted, our visit was just about up anyway.  Shots are the last thing discussed at our appointments but I could still feel the finality of his statements in his actions.

There are other stories in between.  Some appointments went well which is why I think it took two and a half years for me to cut ties with him.  I kept trying to change him? Change his opinion of me?  Change his opinion of my mothering choices?

I don’t care anymore.  I like the parenting decisions we, my husband and I, have made. The only thing I want to dread going to a doctor’s appointment is Jazmine fitting out during her shots; not the doctor.

Today, I made the call and found out that the only thing I need to do to see Dr. Scott-McKinney is request her.  Will do.

PS. Within 2-3 weeks after Jazmine’s birth, I was pumping at least 4 ounces from each breast in ten minutes!  Rockstar tatas baby!


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