Kindess vs Heroism

Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22).  In my goal to exude all of the fruits of the Spirit, I stumbled upon a sin trap that I have fallen in to.  I didn’t realize it until I saw it in someone close to me.

In my quest to be kind, I have overdone it and dove head first into self-righteousness.

Kindness is opening the door for someone, smiling at someone, and helping someone out with an obvious task (picking up fallen papers). Kindness is watching someones child for them, picking up something from the grocery store for them, and sitting with them after experiencing some hard news.  Kindness is lending an ear, offering support, and standing by someone’s side as they grow through a hard time.  Kindness is not saving the day, allowing one to feel no pain, and taking over someone’s situation.  That is heroism.

Where do you draw the line?  Where is the line?  How do you keep from going overboard?  How do you keep the things you are personally passionate about in check while someone feels out their own roots?

You continue to be kind one to another but recognize that your kindness alone will not save anyone.  It was never designed too.

Your kindness will not save an addict from their addiction.

Your kindness will not save a lonely person from their loneliness.

Your kindness will not save a single parent from the struggles of single parenthood.

Your kindness will not save the father/motherless from feeling father/motherless.

Your kindness will not save a bitter person from their bitterness.

Your kindness will not save an angry person from their anger.

Showing kindness was never designed for us to fulfill something missing in someone else or to prevent them from feeling the decisions of their life.  Your kindness will (and ultimately should) point anyone and everyone to the One whose kindness saves. Jesus is the only one who saves.


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