My Price

Yoon – She is twenty something.  She has three children under 3 and is pregnant with child number four.  Her and her husband have their own booming successful business and it continues to grow and prosper.  They are equal partners.  I’ve admired her since the first day I met her.  She loves her husband and is passionate about him.  They are focused on their own family goals and are committed to doing whatever is necessary to achieve those goals.

Me – My husband and I started out with three children right out the gate; two child support payments, two car payments, and an apartment.  It didn’t take long for my husband to see that working 9-5 in his career path wasn’t going to get us what we wanted.  We’ve been married for almost 9 years now.  We are still sowing into a brighter future.  There have been a tremendous amount of bumps on the road and we both had to grow.  It’s been said that success comes at a price and everyone’s price is different.  Yun’s price is different from mine.  I am still paying my price while she is living a price fulfilled.  It hurts to see it.  I am happy, so happy for her but I still yearn for it to be me too.

I want my husband to have the monkey off his back; to feel and experience the success I know he already has accomplished.  I want him to have his choice of summer suits and winter suits.  I want him to be able to choose which car he is going to take today.  I want him to have the lifestyle he wants for us and our family.

We dream big.  He always has.  I just got on board a hand full of years back.  To achieve anything worth having, you have to work hard for it.  We, collectively, didn’t start working hard and in proper fashion for our goals until the summer we found out Jazmine was coming.  I had to get my priorities in order.  I had to get in line with my husband about our goals and how we were going to accomplish them.  It wasn’t going to happen with him and I operating and trying to succeed in different realms.  It wouldn’t work.  We, better yet, I tried that.  I tried to be successful in my own right apart from my husband.  Even the business I was trying to succeed in told me that wasn’t correct but I didn’t listen because I needed the money.  I wanted the money now.  I also wanted to have all the fame, all the glory, all the success myself in the business I was in.

Yoon got on board with her husband from their first date.  Her priorities, their focus, was in order from day one.  Other couples who have been slower to the big time success but still successful along the way had their priorities and focus in order as well, making adjustments along the way as needed and as they grew as people.

I guess that is what I really needed to see and appreciate.  I am on the same road to success that she was on.  I started later.  My family dynamic is different.  Our business is different.  My price is different.


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