25+ Random Things; Pieces of Me

1. I like watching infomercials.

2. Customer service means a lot to me.  I won’t go to restaurants in certain places if they have a reputation for bad customer service.

3. After years of being a loyal Skippy eater, I now like Jiff.

4. I have absolutely no aspiration to get a W2 job.

5. It is not a vacation if I have to clean up after myself and my children.

6. I enjoy watching documentaries and other programs that expose the human psyche.

7. If I have the choice, I would buy top of the line everything.

8. Some would say that I am hardheaded.  I would agree.

9. I’m not a huge COACH fan though I do own two.

10. I’m a jeans and a T-shirt type of girl.  If I am wearing anything other than that, in my opinion, I am dressed up.

11. I will not go the movies with a talker.  If I do, I will not sit next to them.  I want to hear the movie.

12. When going to the movies, I like to have the financial option to buy concessions.

13. I only wanted to be a dental hygienist so I could pick the tarter off of people’s teeth.

14. Yes, I would spend a $160 or more on a diaper bag.

15. Making a box cake in sacrilegious.

16. I wish there was an online program I could take to become a dental hygienist.  I’d have to do the practical portion somewhere but I would love to be certified.

17. I don’t see anything wrong with spending $18 on a tube of lip gloss.

18. I will under no circumstances take my children into the reptile house because I don’t like them.

19. I am utterly revolted when I have to inhale second-hand smoke.

20. I am so grateful that my husband doesn’t want me to work.

21. I love peanut butter and chocolate.

22. I’m turning into my mother.  I am writing letters to companies complaining about their product or their customer service and I am so proud.

23. If I think I can do it or make it myself, I will.

24.  Did I mention I want four more children?

25. I’d rather cook for my husband and my children than have them eat out.

26. I’m a make-up and hair product junky.

27. I can’t stand injustice.

28. I love my husband more and more with each passing day.

29. As much as I enjoy Jazmine’s nap times and when she goes down for the nap, I miss her terribly and she’s only upstairs!

30. I love getting my hair done but I could care less about my nails and eyebrows.


32. If only carbs were as good for me as vegetables because I am a sucker for a sweet.

33. Every once in a while, I would like to get all dolled up, formal, and go out.

34. If I ever meet The Rock, there is going to be a misunderstanding.  For a second (or 10,000) I might misunderstand what forsaking all others means! (ha ha ha!)

35. I want to go to a movie premier in LA.


2 thoughts on “25+ Random Things; Pieces of Me

  1. Tika

    Girl, girl, girl! I’m all for not working, but some of your “pieces of me” make me think you need to get a job! LOL. Remind me not to go shopping for diaper bags or lip gloss with you 🙂

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