Through The Fire

It is challenging to stay mature through the hard times.

Not long ago, I was faced with some hard news.  I had the normal, expected, fleshly responses.

While I was grappling with the news, I was asked to help out those who were in the throes of this hard news.  I stepped up to the plate and did what I was asked to do.  Somewhere in the middle of that, I found myself trying to act in a worldly way.  I found myself trying to act in a manner that the world would excuse based on the circumstances.  I found myself trying to be something that I was not.  I felt that the situation demanded that I should act like one of the witnesses on the scene reporters interview on TV; a heightened emotional state, acting like a chicken with their head cut off.

God has grown me and changed me so much just over the course of the past six months that I actually had to take a step back and talk to myself about not trying to be immature just because the situation would allow me to get away with it.  The situation does not determine my response!  Pam Winters (google her) once said, “I don’t react. I act”.   Hard news doesn’t mean that people expect you to act in a way that they have not known you to be before.  If you are normally a rock for people during peace time, that is what they want during times of war.  Don’t change just because the situation allows you to.

Be the person God purified you to be.  During the months before when you were going through, God was burning off all of the impurities in you (Ps 66:10, Job 23:10, 1 Peter 1:7).  Now that you have been refined and find yourself in a situation where you feel the fire but you are in a secondary position, don’t act like who you were before you were in the fire yourself!  Be the same refined person God made you to be then, now.

Note to self.


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