David & Solomon; When Your Hope Passes To Another

I was reading the account of King David deciding to build a house for the Lord.  David decided to build it but God told him not to.  It wasn’t that it wasn’t a good thing to do.  It’s just that God did not want that for David.  Instead, God chose David’s son Solomon to build His house.  (You can read about it here.)

It still amazes me how every single story in the Bible is relative to today.

I was driving the other day and thinking about the future.  I want four more children. I want two boys and one girl for sure.  The fifth child can be either one as long as I have two more boys and another girl.  Jazmine was a big girl and I want my future children to be even bigger.  I’m talking 11 pounders.  (You can call me crazy.  I’m alright with that.)  I would love (well, I actually think I am in love with the idea) to have twin boys the next go ’round with one weighing 11 lbs even and the other 11.5 lbs.  I love big babies!

I would be just as happy with my 11 pounders as another mother is with their 6 pounder.

As I was thinking about what by future babies would look like, I started to think about the birth plan I wanted to try the next time as well.  I mentioned before that I would like to have a non-medicated home birth.  That would be a bit difficult if I’m carrying 11 pound twins AND I would be having a VBAC on top of that!

I thought, humph, I don’t think I can have both.  I don’t know if there is a midwife or a midwifery center around here that would take me on as a patient.  I doubt very seriously that there is an OB that would support me wanting to have a vaginal birth with such large babies even before hearing that it would be a VBAC.

I started to get a little depressed after that thought.  Why go through all of the changes to being open to having a home/water birth if it won’t be possible if God grants me my large twin boys?  What was the point?

That is when I thought about David and Solomon.  David collected and stored up items to build the House of the Lord after he found out he wasn’t going to be able to build it.  It takes a lot of maturity to store up something for someone else to do that you had your heart set on doing yourself.  Even though it was his son who God chose to build His house, if I use my spiritual imagination, I would guess that it was still hard for David to hear that after all God allowed him to accomplish, after all He brought him through, David would not be able to “do something” for Him by building Him a house.  But David was cool through it all.  He was pleased the honor of building the Lord’s house was going to his son.

I hope to have the same honor, the same joyfulness of heart for another woman, when they are able to have a home/water birth.  I hope not to be jealous if I am not able to have it all (large babies and home birth).  I pray that if or when that day comes, I am as ready then as I am now to share anything I’ve learned about considering a home/water birth to any woman who wants to know.


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