Ain’t This A Kick In The Head!

I am going to say something that may shock a lot of you.  Are you ready?

I love Harry Potter!  I am apart of Harry Pottermania!  I want to go to Disney World just to go to the new Hogwarts theme park!  I’ve seen all the movies.  I own all of the movies.  I’ve read all of the books.  I love it love it love it!!!  I went to the midnight show of the last movie, Deathly Hallows Part 1, when it came out.  Out side of Harry, I can’t recall ever having a I-gotta-see-that-movie movie.

The final movie, Deathly Hallows Part 2, comes out Friday, July 16.  My local theaters are showing it at midnight.  I planned to go see it at midnight.  I planned to go see it at midnight when I first found out when the movie was going to be released six months or so ago.  I made plans.  I was going to go with my husband, my sister, and my cousin.  It was a big deal!

It got my weekends confused.

Our women’s retreat is in July as well.  I thought it was taking place the week after the movie premier.  Guess what?  It’s not.  It is the very same weekend of the premier.  Not a problem.  I decided I was going to leave the retreat to see the movie.  I would go to the retreat, leave around 10 or so after the last session of the evening (it’s an overnight retreat) and go see my movie.  No problem right?  WRONG!

Why is it wrong? I’ll tell you why.  We are not going to be in a hotel.  Oh no.  We are going to some place that locks you in after 9PM.  What!!!!!!

Not only do they lock you in, the doors stay locked until 6 or so in the morning.  Guests are not granted keys to come and go as they please.  From what I understand, a guest can’t even open the door from the inside to let someone from the outside in.  What’s a girl to do?  I’m going to see Harry!

I was hot.  I was so stinking hot.  I have been looking forward to this premier since the last movie.  I always look forward to Harry Potter movies.  Seeing the movies when they come out makes my month.

I can not even describe how utterly pissed off I was that I would not be able to see Harry.

I was informed that residents could leave the grounds “after hours”.  However, in order to do this, I would have to inform the guard that I was going and make arrangements for him to let me back in when I returned.  A glimmer of hope right?  Wrong. It didn’t sit right.  If it was a hotel, I could duck out and come back and all would be well.  I wouldn’t be drawing attention to myself.  No one would be looking for me anyway.  Most of the ladies are early birds and I am a night owl. Easy peasy right?  No ma’am.

How could I justify that?  I would basically be making arrangements to sneak out and hope to sneak back unnoticed.  I think getting permission to leave the establishment would create too much of a hullabaloo to keep quite.  And how do I look?  Leaving a Christian retreat where I am going to help me draw closer to God to watch Harry Potter?  My concern wasn’t how I would look to people.  My concern is how I represent Jesus to people.  If His servant is leaving to do something other than what she there came for, why should anyone else stay or want to be a Christian in the first place?

Harry Potter sells out so fast that the theater I went to the last time added several shows.  The earliest showtime was at 12:01 and the latest started at 12:25 with more than one theater having the same show time.  The theater has 24 theaters and I think no less than 6 theaters were dedicated to Harry.  If I was going to go, I would have to have already gotten my ticket.

If you had not noticed, I decided not to go.  It sucks.  I don’t like it and it hurts my feelings that I will not be at the premier midnight show to see it first.  THIS IS THE LAST MOVIE!!!  There will be no more!  It’s not like I can catch the next one at midnight.  This is the end of an era!  Yes.  I am COMPLETELY SALTY! But I know I am choosing correctly by choosing Christ and honoring Him in my first fruits (where I spend my time).  Even though I DO NOT LIKE IT AT ALL I am going to do it anyway.  And get this.  I am not going to grumble or complain or retell this story to every Tom, Dick, and Harry (how ironic) to try to get people to feel my pain.  I am going to do it and shut up about it.

That is all.

It still sucks though. (tear)


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