Speaking The Truth

“But, speaking the truth in love, may grow up in all things into Him who is the head-Christ-”                                                                                                                                                                       Ephesians 4:15

I love the truth.  It is not always easy to hear.  It is not always easy to say.  It is hard hearing something against what you believe to be true.  It is hard telling someone something you know they may not take well or are not going to like. Nevertheless, I love the truth.

I’ve not always been that way.  I knew the truth was right but the consequences of saying the truth was rarely favorable.  To deal with, hear, be around, and speak the truth requires you knowing, accepting, and desiring the truth for yourself.  For example, I was speaking to someone about probiotics.  I said the brand I used was the best because it kept its potency without needing to be refrigerated.  I was asked what else about the product made me think it was better than the rest.  I choked.  I didn’t have an answer for the person that asked me.  Something as simple as that and I was left speechless.  I felt like an idiot.  The question took me by surprise.  Instead of thinking through or just frankly giving my answer, I had nothing to say.  I had to sit an examine why I did that.  What I found out, the reason why I choked, was because I wasn’t comfortable enough in my own opinion to leave it at that.  I thought because I was asked for another answer that I had to have another answer; a more thought out, profound, and convincing answer.

That whole experience, choking and thinking about why I did later, took me on a new journey with Jesus.  I had to learn to embrace the truth no matter how vulnerable I might feel after speaking it.  And, I learned to like it.  (pardon the fragment) Speaking the truth, acknowledging the truth, and being around people who speak the truth is humbling.  You can not be prideful and expect to do either of those things.  Pride will prevent you from putting yourself in humbling situations.  (Being vulnerable is one of the most humbling things I can think of) Pride will keep you from asking a simple question.  Pride will tell you that you must pose questions in terms of statements and hope that the other person offers up the information you seek.

So what happened with the whole probiotic question?  I had to figure out why I liked the product I used.  The answer I gave was a textbook answer that anyone who sells the product should know.  Even though I believed what I was saying for myself, it didn’t have any feet to it; I wasn’t settled enough in my mechanical answer to feel that I didn’t need another reason.  I ended up emailing the person who asked me several weeks after I choked and answered her question.  I told her I didn’t have an answer at the time as to why my I preferred my brand over hers other than brand loyalty.  I then pointed out some of the facts I found in my research (specific strands in the product etc).  I also told her I was just stating my opinion.  I in no way was trying to sway her.  I didn’t care if she ever tried the product or not.  I had to answer the question for myself .  It was left unfinished.  I finished it.


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