The $30 Lesson Revisited.

About five years ago, while we were actively building our Amway business, I was out making contacts.  I came across a woman at a kiosk at one of our local malls.  It was one of those natural nail beauty kiosks where they can make your nails shiny.  I started talking to the sales lady.  She was nice; not real pushy.  She listened to me when I spoke and I gave her the same respect.

My whole motive in speaking to her was to get her number so I could call her later and set up a time to meet with her to see if she would like to start her own business.  Her whole motive was to sell me one of her product kits. Long story short, I bought her kit, got her number, and never heard from her (or saw her at that same kiosk) again.  We both had our own motives and had no interest in what each of us was selling to the other.  The kit was $30, which I didn’t have, hence the $30 lesson.

Jazmine’s doctor’s appointment was last week.  I, as usual, was rushing to get there on time.  I was rushing even more so this time because I didn’t give Jazmine breakfast before we left.  I decided to take her out to eat after her appointment and wanted her to be hungry so she would eat.  That increased the urgency to get there on time, if not a little bit early, so we could, theoretically, get in and get out.

As soon as I pulled up, I saw another woman with her child taking her time getting into the building.  Once I got Jazmine out of the car and starting walking towards the door, a van came flying around the corner to park.  I stopped to see if it would stop to let me pass.  It didn’t.  I saw that it was a family of three and I assumed they were running into their doctor’s appointment to.  I set out to beat them. I told Jazmine to run.  We got inside the building and heading to the elevators.  As we got on the elevator, I heard the front door to the building open up.  I quickly pushed the door close button and waited for us to ascend.  When the elevator stopped and the doors opened up, the same dude that was driving the van was walking past me in the elevator holding his daughter, beating me to the door of the doctor’s office and to the sign in sheet.  He took the stairs.

Oooo I was salty!  No, that’s not true.  I was HOT!

But at that same moment, I was convicted.  I was so out of order.  I was so wrong.  My motives were wrong.  Yes, I wanted to get there a bit early, and I was…by three minutes.  Yes, I was technically there before they were in the parking lot.  But I shouldn’t have acted out of character for something as dumb as signing in my daughter before his.  Running across the parking lot and making sure he couldn’t get on the elevator were ugly behaviors.

I felt like such an idiot.  When the dude walked by, I could feel him saying “ha ha, beat you”.  It was very humbling.  When we got inside the office, there weren’t many seating choices so I ended up sitting one seat away from the dude and his family.  I was my normal nice self towards him and his little girl but I still felt foolish.  I acted idiotically.  My motives were terrible.

I just sat there thinking, “All right Lord.  I got it”.  But my consequences were not over yet.  Not only was the dude’s daughter called in to see the doctor first, but the lady who was outside taking her good sweet time to get into the doctor’s office, who signed in after I signed Jazmine in, her son was called in before Jazmine!

I was like, “Oh Lord, really?” If that don’t beat all.  There wasn’t anything I could do to change the outcome of the consequences of my decision.  I just had to sit in it and learn from it.


2 thoughts on “The $30 Lesson Revisited.

  1. This made me chuckle. I have definately done what you did. And was hot when the outcome was not what I wanted it to be. Maybe the man involved learned something from this too. No speeding in parking lots, let pedestrians cross since it is the nice thing to do and to stay in shape since, if he is usually late, the stairs will always be his friend. Positive side? This lesson didn’t cost you any money. Just a little time. 🙂

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