Birth Control, Contraceptives, “Natural” Family Planning…Is it Biblical?

(Hmm.  No comments on this one.  Maybe this post is a bit much?  Feel free to read and forward.  Hopefully, I’ll have another place to voice this question and get some feedback.)

Oooooooo!  I know Ima start some mess with this question!   (sinister snicker)

“The bible says, he is the one who opens and closes the womb. why are so many women today taking the pill and going off suggestions like, i dont have enough money, i want to work a career, i dont want too much stress……
What if God, was against to this?”

I recently joined this Mommy social network and saw this question posted.  I responded with,

The Bible is clear in Genesis [Gen. 1:28] telling us to be fruitful and multiply. I more so have a problem with women who say that they don’t want children or won’t have them for cosmetic reasons because that is not biblical. I don’t believe the Bible has any verses applicable to monitoring how many births you have by using birth control. I have been on several contraceptives during my marriage. My husband and I have one daughter together and we want more but (long story short) didn’t want to chance getting pregnant right away. I truly want to hear any verses that anyone has about birth control being biblically wrong, not personal convictions based on the Bible but wrong by doctrine. Because, if I am wrong, I want to know so I can be better transformed to Him. Thanks for the question

It is my deepest desire to be transformed by the Word of God everyday especially when it hurts.  Addressing this question is scary because if I am incorrect, we got some changing to do asap.

The Mommy replied with a slew of verses.  I just saw her response a few minutes ago and wanted to hear what ya’ll thought.  I am going to post her response after while.  I need to print them out for my husband and I first so we can go through them and have God speak to us.  Ya’ll know our story.  Having a “no goalie in place” lifestyle is going to be a humdinger for us for sure.  I am getting ahead of myself.


I look forward to reading your responses.  Please feel free to converse back and forth between each other on the comments.  Don’t be afraid to comment.  I just want to know what the God says.

What do ya’ll think!

(In my Mama Odee voice) “This is gonna be good”.  (sinister snicker)

I can already feel the heat!  Bring It!


2 thoughts on “Birth Control, Contraceptives, “Natural” Family Planning…Is it Biblical?

  1. Beef

    I can’t think of any couple in the bible who said they were not going to have kids. Nor can I think of one couple in the bible who decided they would not have kids until they were ready, had enough money or any other reason. They got married, they consumated and the multiplied. If they didn’t see a bun in the oven in a certain period of time they were asking God why he closed their womb and were praying that he would open it. No one was excited to not have a child right away. The women were so desparate for children that one even said if God gave her a son she would give him right back to Him. No talks of child prevention were discussed. Dag. I guess maybe as soon as you say “I Do”, your body is ready to conceive and bear a child, and whenever God opens your womb, it’s open until he closes it. Abraham and Sarah had a son and they were well past human child bearing years. In God’s years, they were well within the bracket. Any other comments ladies????

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