Ah Oh!

Why does it seem like every single time you have a high time in the Lord, the lows are waiting for you right around the corner!?!?  (sigh)

Jazmine turned 2.  I mentioned before that I had some major concerns about having a party for her.  Well, everything turned out better than expected.  She had her first real birthday party (invitations and everything). Everyone had a good time.  The food was good.  Jazmine went down for her nap within her scheduled time frame.  (Thanks to my mother-in-law) there was minimal clean-up.  It was a LOVELY day.  Praise God!

That was Saturday.

Today, I realized she is two.  I planned on following a home school curriculum once she turned two.  I am enrolling her in a sign and play class in a few days.  She has her two-year check up within the week.  I have to take her to get her blood drawn at some point because I put it off last year after it didn’t go well the first time we went.  I said I was going to take her to the dentist when she turned two also.

Guess what?  She’s two.  All these things came crashing on me this evening when I realized everything I said I was going to do at two.  Not to mention to continue our morning outings at the gym so I can continue to get my sexy back.  My melancholy planning mind, says that everything I said I would do has to be done this week while she’s two as if she won’t be still be two in six months!

There has got to be a special padded place in heaven for me because I swear to beans I am so dumb sometimes.

(deep breath)

Still going to the gym in the morning. Check.  Taking her to the sign and play class.  Check.  Her doctor’s appointment is already scheduled for the week.  Check.  Starting the home school curriculum this week.  Check.  Everything else?  She’ll be two for another 364 days.  We’ll get it in at some point.


2 thoughts on “Ah Oh!

  1. Beef

    Exactly; you have time. No need to try and rush and to it all this week. You can even pick one goal to accomplish every month or two. That way you pace yourself and her and give yourself a chance to figure out how to handle it all. Wonderful revelation lady!! Congrats!

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