Sometimes, You Have To Sit In Your Consequences

Sin will always take you further then you want to go.  Consequences come.  They may tarry but they do come.  Sowing and reaping (Gal. 6: 7-8) works both ways.  If you are going to live your life walking in the will of God, you will suffer for Christ’s sake (Phil. 1:28-30).  There will be times where you don’t know what’s going on and why it feels like everything is being thrown at you.  It is then that you are suffering for Christ’s sake.  (1Peter 2:19-21) If you put yourself outside the will of God and choose a path contrary to God’s will, you will suffer consequences even after you repent and do right by Him.  It sounds daunting.  One might say, “what’s the point”?  The point is, being on the Lord’s side is ALWAYS better than being on the side of the enemy.  (If you side for yourself, you are siding with the enemy.  Anything contrary to God is the enemy.)  Your suffering (whatever form it takes) will come early, at the onset of the situation you are facing but the end is so sweet.

Those that choose not to walk in the will of God and do anything they can to pad their circumstances so that they don’t feel any negative consequence of their actions, will feel those consequences later and they will NOT be any easier to deal with!  Those that decide to do their own thing and think about the Lord later, those that say things like “I prayed on it” as a caveat to do what they want anyway, and all in between will see their consequences.  They may not feel them immediately. They may not even know they are experiencing consequences of their earlier actions but they are there.

I had a chance to share my testimony with my goddaughter, Zhea, recently about how I treated my younger siblings growing up.  Zhea was not looking out for Maya (her sister, my other goddaughter) the way she should have.  I was so pleased to be able to share my testimony with her.  I was very mean to my siblings growing up.  I would turn off and on in a heartbeat.  When I wanted them around, I was all smiles.  When I was finished playing around with them, I would turn cold and mean.  I can look back and see that they were afraid of me growing up.  It should have NEVER been like that!  My parents knew I was sometimey but I don’t think they ever knew how mean I was behind their backs.  I would take every frustration I was feeling about my pre-teen/teenage life out on them.  It wasn’t until I was in college that I saw the error of my ways even though I felt the consequences of all of my malice towards my siblings in my peer circle.

I shared with Zhea, that it may be fun now to toy with your sister but it won’t be fun later when you don’t know why no one wants to sit next to you at lunch, ask you to dance at your school dance, or invite you to hang out at the mall.  I hope she took heed to what I said.  I pray that the Lord brings it back to her mind the next time she thinks to act unkindly towards her sister, or when she starts to experience the consequences of her actions.




How you are at home is how you are outside of the home.


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