When It Rains, It Pours!

I’ve heard the saying, “Things always happen in three’s.”  I don’t put stock in that.  For one thing, I would live in fear each and every time something unpleasant happened, waiting for the other two events to manifest itself.  I can, however, attest to having moments in life when unpleasant things happen in succession.

Recently, I began to be in fervent prayer for a desire of my heart (and it’s a doosey.  It’s no small order.  It’s a Red Sea experience.  If it is God’s will and it comes into fruition, I will gladly spill the beans.  Until then, just know I am in prayer about something major.).  Since then, I have received several prayer request for major life circumstances.  It became overwhelming.  I received two heavy requests for prayer back to back in the same day.

I was bothered that I couldn’t let the weight of the requests go.  I was carrying the load of the requests instead of submitting them to God.  I hurt for those involved but I also hurt because I thought I couldn’t possibly pray for anything I desired with such hard experiences occurring to others I know.

I’ve mentioned before that prayer does not come easy for me.  Some people are gifted at being a prayer warrior.  I don’t have it.  I pray.  I pray to the Lord everyday but I don’t have the prayer life that I desire to.  I want to come to the Lord at a set time everyday even when nothing major is going on in life.  That is how you build a relationship with others and that is a part of getting to know Christ as well.  However, that particular area of my spiritual walk is less than stellar.

Given my particular infantile prayer life, for me, my definition of fervent prayer is praying for something in particular at least once each day.  That is big time prayer for me.  When I heard of these other prayer requests, I thought I had to stop praying for my desires and focus on praying for others.  That is when God reminded me, while I was in prayer praying for the other requests, that He is big enough to handle everything!  No request is too hard, too much, too tough, too easy, too insignificant, or too large for Him to handle.

It seems like a basic principle but even basic principles require gentle reminders.


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