I Made A Mistake

Just Monday, I put up a post about the struggle between keeping the blog from becoming a personal journal and discerning and writing the things God leads me to write.  Today, I blew it.

The post I just removed was a personal journal to me and not what I was to write.  I didn’t have anything to write.  I wasn’t led either way to write anything.   The melancholy in me already felt bad enough that I missed my own personal 10AM deadline and decided to post something anyway.  The post just happened to be in the mist of some raw sensitive emotions.  Personally, I have no problem sharing that information in effort to help someone else, but after I published it, I didn’t have the peace of God.  After much mental ping-pong about wether or not to take it down or just let it ride since already had it up, I choose obedience and removed today’s previous post.

I mentioned in one of my pages that I aimed to publish every Monday and Thursday by 10AM, Lord willing. I know I wrote Lord willing but I what I really wanted was for my deadlines to be the Lord’s will, thereby making Him subject to my will instead of me being subject to His will.  You’d think I’d know better.

So, as it stands now, (pardon in advance for the purposed use of improper English) I got nothin’ fo’ ya.  I’ll write when He leads me to.  It could be tomorrow.  It could be later on today.  It could be, and this is my personal vote, on Monday.  My suggestion?  If this blog has encouraged you or helped you progress in your Christian walk at all, now would be the best time to subscribe so you don’t miss anything because I have no idea when another post will go up.


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